Santhoshi Reddy

Santhoshi Reddy

Santhoshi has carved out a niche in the personal care industry with her dedication and enthusiasm. She strives to create brands that blend beauty and technology in the best way. Her passion for beauty led her to create BeautyKart as an evolving e-commerce destination for personal care, beauty, and lifestyle products. She has some revolutionary plans in store for the future of BeautyKart.


Through BeautyKart, Santhoshi had brought customization and technology to commerce modules and established a global retail atmosphere for beauty products. With the addition of technology to supply chains, she has revolutionised the beauty industry to be more responsible and sustainable. With an integrated physical and digital commerce experience, the company offers online consultations, speed in delivering new products to market, and even voice-based purchases. She also uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance ease of use, allowing people to enjoy customisation based on their skin dynamics. With BeautyKart, the beauty connoisseur-turned entrepreneur pioneered a first-of-its kind digital community hotspot to unite educators, enthusiasts, and learners to strengthen the perception of beauty so as to harmonise inclusivity, authenticity, and empowerment. Additionally, she revolutionised the art of retail by introducing Omni channel commerce chains to meet the growing demands from all corners of the nation.

A keen fashion enthusiast, Santhoshi has been a part of several fashion weeks all over the world. With her strong ethic, charismatic nature and graceful demeanour, she has established herself as one of beauty and fashion’s most sought-after and influential faces. It has been her goal to promote inclusivity and skin positivity throughout the cosmetics industry. She is also a gifted public speaker with a flair for delivering powerful ideas and inspiring thoughts with her charming demeanour.


The company’s mission is to alert consumers about counterfeit beauty products in the personal grooming industry – a mission that Santhoshi has played a key role in fulfilling. A seasoned industry expert, she has curated and acquired brands under the Beauty accelerator programme, as well as catalysed other brands under the programme.

Her vibrant vision of creating a global retail atmosphere in India has created a market for innovative and diverse offerings in the personal care industry for many professionals.


Beyond the beauty industry, the benevolent entrepreneur regularly participates in many social welfare programs. In addition, she had initiated a mental health awareness campaign called ‘Virtual Virtue,’ which stands for virtuous behaviour in a virtual world. She is also involved with sustainable initiatives with the United Nations. Furthermore, through her massive social media presence, she strives to create a community where everyone can share knowledge and become inspired by each other. What’s more, the forward-thinking business leader is also a published author. What is more than businesswoman who is an established author and beauty enthusiast.