Shareef Muhammed

Shareef Muhammed

Born to a humble middle class family in a small town in Thrissur, Kerala, Shareef Muhammed’s entrepreneurial saga exemplifies that hard work and success go hand in hand. Beginning his career in 2008 as just another employee, he soon realized he was made for bigger ventures. While working for a Qatar based construction company in 2011, he invested a major part of his salary into business. His young shoulders took big responsibilities with explicit understanding of every task he undertook. Patience and perseverance were the two pillars that became a foundation for turning his dreams turn into a reality.


The leader in him began to take wings while he was working for a Turkey-based company providing vehicles for construction. He managed to provide 300 drivers to the company, which revealed the budding entrepreneur in him. Soon, he was invited to become a sub-contractor and that was the turning point in his career. The counts for the contract went up from 300 to 1300 in no time. His dedication led him to set up a business venture in his motherland Kerala. The foundation and groundwork for Cubes International Logistics started in 2017 and the firm saw the light of day in the year 2018, with business in full swing.

Having inherited his mother’s grit, Shareef Muhammed knew that hurdles can be crossed if fought with resilience. He was brought up by a single parent since he lost his father in his early years of childhood. He learnt life lessons early because of the hardships faced by his mother and how she overcame them during those days.

He has always believed that India is a land of opportunities and often invested in indigenous projects. His exemplary leadership qualities and focused approach have helped him to build a dream team which facilitated huge rise of the firm in a short span. In just a year he saw phenomenal growth of the parent company, Cubes International Group. Today, he oversees and manages the perations of Cubes International Developers, Cubes International Logistics, Cubes International Facility Management, Cubes International Management Services, Cubes Trading and Contracting, Cubevo International Trading, Psycho Designs, and Cascade Foodstuff Trading. Leading on all fronts and continuously exploring different verticals such as construction, consulting, management, and FMCG, Shareef Muhammed operates his businesses in the UAE, Qatar, India and the USA.


Having risen to such great heights within couple of years Shareef Muhammed has the brain of a mastermind. He takes calculated risks, brainstorming with an idea, understanding the market feasibility, sticking to his principles, and executing it articulately and drawing profit from it. It’s his well formed team that forms his backbone supporting him wholeheartedly while knowing well that their charismatic leader is no ordinary man. He has the ability to pull through the most trying times with his humbleness and a strong mind.


Known for his charming personality and enigmatic smile, Shareef Muhammed believes in the concept of learning and growing with each passing day. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to remember that hard work always pays off, and one should never forget that patience and perseverance are the keys to success.