Shazé started as a silverware brand, which has now evolved as a premium lifestyle and gifting brand with exclusive products to celebrate individualism, standing out of the herd. Since the birth of shazé, it has been all about retail growth, demystifying retail trajectories, launching new categories and driving the brand to cater to today’s consumer needs. It evolved as a brand which consumers use as a medium of self-expression.

Today the brand is known for its innovative and contemporary designs with artisans creating products exclusively for shazé from across the world. Using the cuttingedge technology, every product tells a story of its own. It offers its consumers a holistic lifestyle with categories such as home décor, fashion jewelry, diverse accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, and numerous gifting options.

shazé has opened a whole new direction in luxury gifting in India through the truly world-class offerings. The brand offers its valued clients a unique and diversified service to fit themselves in the urban high street lifestyle. It has premium stores pan-India.


shazé offers a special blend of elegant silver gifting products and lifestyle products. Though it started with silverware, with time, witnessing its success, the brand has extended its products to a variety of contemporary designed products. Products are designed giving attention to small details and perfection.

Unconventional and unique design is shazé’s USP, which is an outcome of its in-house R&D team’s constant innovative ideas to stay fresh in the market. shazé creations are crafted by world-class artisans across the globe. These perfectly designed lifestyle products have set themselves apart from the rest of the lifestyle brands. With its wide range of products, shazé assures of something to pick for everyone. It has got every item from premium products to museumworthy ones. The shazé collection is vast as well as outstanding.


shazé has its unique existence in luxury and lifestyle, because it has been able to adjust itself in the world that is dominated by labels. Labels subsume one’s identity; they take away one’s sense of individuality and makes you a part of the herd.

That is why shazé’s idea is to join the rebellion against labels, to reveal one’s true individuality; with the tagline ‘Join the Labellion’. The brand has been conducting a campaign called “Against Labels” which is targeted to connect with people with personalized expressions, encouraging them to be what they are without caring about what people think about them.

Today, this brand is known for its innovative and contemporary designs. The Managing Director and Founder of shazé, Samrat Zaveri is a multi-facet dynamic entrepreneur. He foresees shazé as a global lifestyle brand that touches lives from all over the world, ensuring that all the products are in sync with shazé’s ideology and philosophy.