Sheenlac Paints

Sheenlac Paints


Fighting an uphill battle to create a revolution in the history of paints and polishes, Sheenlac Paints entered the market and made its name in the industry. The company follows the rich tradition of painting Indian homes with radiant and vibrant colors.

The brand manufactures and trades paints, coatings and finishes for the automotive, wood and decorative categories. After a steady rise in fortunes in its 50 years of existence, the company has emerged as a game changer by attempting to change the rules of the industry. Today, it proudly affirms its global presence notably in India, the Middle East, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Sheenlac wears the crown for being the largest paint company in South India.

The journey of this successful company began in 1962 when Mr. John Peter began manufacturing thinner and wood polish products under the brand name “Sheenlac”. The Company’s name itself is quite interesting and was given by his business friend Mr. Krishnamoorthy. The name was the result of combination of “Sheen” that means Future of Shine and “Lac” meaning Lacquer polish. The company had a breakthrough when it launched thinners in pet bottles which were the first ones in the Indian market in the year 1983.

Sheenlac boasts of a wide portfolio of quality products.They now offer a wide array of products including decorative paints, industrial coatings, wood polishes, auto finishes, thinners, emulsions, distempers, enamals, sealers, wall putty, primers and the list goes on and on.


It is a concrete fact that the position at which Sheenlac stands today is the consequence of devotedness and extraordinary leadership of Mr. Sudhir Peter. He guided the company towards an expanded status in the market. Sheenlac is today a value-for-money brand thanks to his effective leadership.

Following the ambition of being present outside the national boundary, Sheenlac established its venture Sheenlac Paints Lanka Ltd. in Sri Lanka. Later the company collaborated with Noroo Coatings, Korea which transformed it into the largest paint company in South India. For the marketing of their decorative paints, Sheenlac entered another crucial partnership in which they collaborated with India’s oldest paint company Jenson and Nicholson (l) Ltd.


Taking the road less travelled, Sheenlac has incorporated distinctive and innovative developments in their products and to execute this plan, they follow a dynamic HR policy. With regular training and guidance, they wish to uncover the hidden potential of their employees. Their Research and Development department focuses on the “continuous development” by giving improved alternatives on the basis of customer feedback.

The company believes in mutual growth and forges partnerships with its competitors to extend its product portfolios for acquiring and serving a wider base of customer. In the present state, the company proudly boasts its giant dealer network of 15,000 touch points. To create a better user interface, they also conduct regular marketing programs for civil engineering contractors, painters and carpenters and help them in understanding the unique benefits of the products. With all these effective strategic and great management techniques, Sheenlac Paints is on an upswing and trying to paint a big picture filled with glory for its time ahead.