SRV International School

SRV International School

Nurturing Young Talents for Lifelong Learning

A pioneer in the field of education, SRV International School has been continually working on its mission of imparting quality education aimed at preparing students for life. Its student-centric curriculum promotes concept based learning which is intricately blended with transdisciplinary and practical oriented approach to learning

Renowned as an abode of holistic d e v e l o p m e n t , S R V I n t e r n a t i o n a l School was established in 1996 under the exemplary leadership of visionary Mr. Ganesh Babu NS. Realizing the need of providing the students with an atmosphere conducive to learning to foster their creativity and assertiveness – the most important skills to survive in the present world – he decided to venture into the realm of education with an aim of starting a school in order to develop the skills sets of the students so that they would turn out to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers by learning through hands on application, real world connections and making strategies.

Imbibing Culturally-Rich Core Val

Being well aware of the rapidly changing modern world and its implication on children, the
school is bent on inculcating the core values of Integrity, Endurance, Ingenuity, Responsibility, Courage and Openness in the students. These values are the building blocks on which the vision of the school was conceived.

The students are taught to be principled and act with integrity at all times as this quality would help them to grow with a sense of honesty and fairness in each of their endeavours. Thus, they are motivated to not only preach but also practice the saying “Honesty is the best policy”. With a belief that endurance helps the students to evolve into the best version of themselves, they are encouraged to practice and exhibit endurance in every phase of their life as it would brace them to handle challenging situations.

The quality of ingenuity is ingrained in the students to enable them to become the future innovators, thinkers and creators. They are also taught the significance of responsibility and the teachers ensure that as the future global leaders, the students think, act and choose responsibly, taking ownership of their every action and develop an understanding
that any small act of theirs may have a huge impact.

The pupils are nurtured in such a manner that they respond to the challenging situations and obscurity with courage and consideration, and have the passion to discover new roles, thoughts and strategies. They are encouraged to recognize and appreciate their own culture and personal histories & are motivated to be open to the perspectives, values & traditions of others.

Embracing Diversity & Fostering Inclusion

Its international curriculum, holistic education and excellent academic assessments prepare the students for further studies around the world and position it as a well recognized and sought after international school. Owing to the collaborative efforts
of its growing, energetic & enthusiastic international community of students, teachers and parents – the school is able to provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment to the
learners and equips them with the necessary knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes so that they would eventually turn out to be peace-loving global citizens.

The school inspires and challenges the students to achieve personal excellence, pursue a passion for learning, and become responsible global citizens