Summit Power International

Summit Power International

The largest independent power producer (IPP) in Bangladesh, Summit Power International, generates about 15% of the total power generation of the country.

The company was founded by Mr. Muhammed Aziz Khan, an MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka. Identifying growth of power sector to be critical for the overall economic growth of the nation, Summit developed the rst I in angladesh a T landmark in this sector.

Summit believes that for Bangladesh to continue to grow at the rate of GDP 7-8% as it had been growing in the past decade, the total electricity generation capacity needs to grow by about 16-18% every year just to maintain this momentum. Summit currently has 1,941 MWs of generating quality electricity capacity. In addition, SPI is supplying mmcfd regasied liueed natural gas L to the ational as rid of Bangladesh a month ahead of schedule.


Rooted in philosophy of humanity rst ummit intends to ensure that Bangladesh has access to quality electricity and supports the country to achiee s ustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) – Affordable and Clean Energy for All through its work.

In March 2019, SummitGE consortium signed project agreements for developing the largest 583 MW CCPP in Bangladesh which is expected to be operational by March 2022.

In addition to this Summit, Mitsubishi and GE have planned to invest USD 3 Billion in Bangladesh, largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to date for the proposed gas-topower project including four units of 600 MW combined cycle power plants (total generating capacity of 2,400 poered by s flagship 9HA gas turbines, two units of on-shore L terminal ith total of 380,000 m3³ capacity at atarbari Cos aar Bangladesh.

As part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) summit is involved with numerous community welfare activities including education, health and social service, sports and arts and culture that directly add value to the communities.

Recently Summit established Prof Hamiduzzaman Sculpture Park inside the Summit Gazipur 464 MW Power Plants premises The first sculpture park in Bangladesh that boasts the longest 340 feet mural in the country titled ‘Srom o Sristi’ (Labour and Creation).

This world renowned sculptors many creations such as ‘World in a frame’ and ‘Life & Lifeless’ are in the park.