Techno Exponent

Techno Exponent

Techno Exponent was founded by the duo Sabyasachi Saha and Avoy Debnath in Kolkata in 2011. With the support of Mr. Jyoendrisa Tagore (VP) and Mr. Michael Collins (CTO), the company has shown tremendous growth, and is now present in multiple geographies with offices in New Delhi and the US. Both the founders started this company with the belief that technology has the potential to transform business and society at large.


The founders of Techno Exponent strongly believe that technology is the backbone of any business. Every business needs to adopt new technologies and keep up with the evolving digital landscape to stay relevant. One of the other factors that differentiate Techno Exponent from the other players in the market is the kind of customised solutions they build as per the specific requirements of a client.

Techno Exponent believes that technology is not something people can buy and expect to work for them. Companies need to carefully pick a technology partner who can help them with the services that their business needs. This is where Techno Exponent comes in.

Techno Exponent works on the premise that companies must embrace technology to stay ahead of the curve. The company’s sole mission is to thrive as a trustworthy digital business solution provider that helps companies with their digital transformation.

Its vision is to leverage cutting-edge technology to help businesses adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. It offers custom packages that include services such as developing a new website or mobile application, enhancing customer service online, and implementing a digital marketing plan.


Techno Exponent is a brand that values its people immensely, be it the customers or the employees. The company has gradually grown into a team of more than 250 experts who have successfully delivered more than 3,000 projects. The company’s team is its most important asset. Its collaborative growth approach and employee-friendly policies have earned it the reputation of being an employer of choice.

A loyal workforce is one of the biggest reasons for the organisation’s continued growth and success. The other pillar on which Techno Exponent’s success rests is customer satisfaction. The brand has an impeccable record of meeting customers’ expectations and often exceeding them. With a proven track record of happy customers and happy employees, Techno Exponent has solidified its position in the technology landscape.


Techno Exponent has been recognised numerous times for its achievements and consistent performance. Most recently, it was awarded the ‘Leading IT company’ Award in 2022 by the Times Group. The firm is also a Drupal Association member, which is a testimony in itself. It has been awarded numerous prestigious contracts from major corporations such as Nasa Engineers and Amazon, and earned a lot of praise for the services it provided to them. The long list of its awards include Best Achiever 2017 and Top Enterprise Decision Maker 2016. In just a decade, Techno Exponent has created a strong niche for itself with its strong foundation, people-friendly policies, and being true to its craft.