The Brics Group Agrees On Anti-terrorism Measures

The Brics Group Agrees On Anti-terrorism Measures

The BRICS group has agreed on anti-terrorism measures, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the virtual summit he chaired on Thursday. Presidents Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Cyril Ramaphosa, and Jair Bolsanaro attended the summit hosted by India.

Mr. Modi said during India’s leadership of the Brics grouping, all of the group’s partners have cooperated fully.

“Today we are an influential voice for the emerging economies of the world. This platform has also been useful for focusing attention on the priorities of developing nations as well,” he said. Its members have established powerful institutions like the New Development Bank, Contingency Reserve Arrangement, and Research Cooperation Platform, said Modi. He also added that these are all very strong institutions.

PM Modi remarked that it is also essential to not become contented and that a collective effort to ensure that BRICS is even more result-oriented in the next 15 years should be made.

The Counter-Terrorism Action Plan outlines the grouping’s approach and actions to combat terrorism and implements the Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

With 41 percent of the world’s population, 24 percent of global GDP, and 16 percent of global trade, the Brics (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) are five of the world’s largest developing countries.