Top businessman says India saved Maldives post COVID

Top businessman says India saved Maldives post COVID

From July 15th, Maldives opened tourism for Indians. The country announced to South Asian travellers for on-arrival tourist visas. Top businessman of Maldives Mohamed Ali Janah said that his country is seeing an economic recovery after the impact of COVID pandemic.

Janah who is the chairman of Hotels and Resort Construction Pvt.Ltd, is currently on an India visit. In his interview with WION, Janah said they are now able to manage things. He further added, on the economic front they were hit very badly. The restaurants, boating, and hotels were largely affected. They had to remain closed for a prolonged period of time.

He said Indian tourists turned out to be saviours as they started going to Maldives for vacations. Since July this year, over one lakh Indians have visited Maldives. In may, Maldives has suspended the entry of tourists after the surge in covid cases in the region amid the second wave of the virus.

Maldives economy largely depends on its tourism industry and was greatly impacted after the virus hit the island. Janah was happy about the recovery and has high hopes for next year and 2023. He felt proud that his country was able to manage the crisis way beyond people’s expectations.