UAE ranks first globally for workforce business skills

UAE ranks first globally for workforce business skills

A report by US online education company Coursera stated that The UAE has been ranked first internationally in terms of the business skills of its workforce

The Emirates also scores high and leads in business skills such as entrepreneurship, strategy and operations, leadership and management, and communication, as revealed by the Global Skills Report 2022, which evaluated the skills of over 100 million learners across 102 countries in the past year. With regards to overall skills, the UAE was the top country in the Mena region and 23rd internationally. Coursera said in the report, “The UAE has been preparing for the post-oil era with a more diversified, high-skill economy”. ” However, education leaders will need to address weaknesses in technology and data science skills.”

The UAE is eyeing greater economic diversification and has invested in building a knowledge-based economy. The government also desires to offer incentives to foreign professionals to move to the Emirates and consequently expanded its 10-year golden visa. It would also boost the development of skills among the country’s current level of the excellent talent pool.

By 2050, approximately 85 million jobs may vanish while 97 million new ones will replace them as automation and digital technology have brought a radical change in almost every industry, Coursera said.