Uber Arrives in Uganda

Uber Arrives in Uganda

The global online taxi firm, Uber has made its debut in Uganda by starting its services in the city of Kampala. After its immense success in other African cities, the online platform was launched in Uganda in the first week of June.

Now, if one is heading to the airport, doing some shopping at Acacia Mall, watching a game at Mandela National Stadium or going out for some late night partying, the affordable ride is just one click away. Celebrating its launch in the capital city of Uganda, Uber provided free rides to the city people for four days.

The city’s rapidly growing infrastructure inspired the company to start its services in the heart of Kampala. “Kampala is a growing city in the heart of Uganda, a country with a fast-growing economy.” Uber said in its official announcement which further read “With its people, energy, innovation, entrepreneurial and rapidly growing economy, Kampala is an exciting place for Uber to bring its services.”

During the official launch in Kampala, Alon Lits, general manager Uber Sub Saharan African stated, “By offering a friendly and reliable complement to existing transport options, we can help improve urban mobility in Kampala.” He further added, “We are mindful of the city’s current traffic congestion, and we aim to be part of the solution in improving it, while creating new, fruitful opportunities for drivers.”

The San-Francisco based taxi hailing service- Uber is already operating in 462 cities across 71 countries. It has been a revolutionizing force in the transport arena of the cities it operates in. It makes driving across the city an easy, affordable and pleasant experience with just one click connecting the driver and the customer. With Uber, riders can also share the costs of their ride with a tap of a button.