US And UK Warn Of Security Threat At Kabul Airport

US And UK Warn Of Security Threat At Kabul Airport

The United States has warned the American nationalist to stay away from the Kabul airport due to security threats by the Taliban militants. The plea came a few hours after the United States Secretary Antony Blinken had urged the Taliban to ensure “safe passage” for people to seek to flee from the nation.

The security situation is deteriorating at the Kabul airport which raises concern for the US and the western officials trying to evacuate their civilians before the deadline which is on August 31. The danger of an attack by the terrorist group ISIS-K is highlighted by the officials. They urged the Americans to “leave immediately” who were already waiting for their evacuation at the three airport gates.

A similar warning came from the UK official who sighted the “ongoing and high threat” of a terror attack. Officials pleaded with Britishers to “move away to a safe location” and also advised them to avoid traveling to the airport for a few days.

Blinken said that the relationship with the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan will depend on the latter’s conduct and hinted that the administration may examine whether it should have taken a different approach to pulling out the troops from the nation