Deakin University

Deakin University

Deakin University uses digital technology efficiently to ensure a glitch-free and immersive experience in classroom as well as the distance education. The use of cuttingedge technological apparatus has been beneficial for both the teachers as well as the students, irrespective of their location. Deakin University recognizes the potential of technology in the coming times & takes a futuristic approach that focuses on an increasing use of dataenriched capabilities.


A farsighted approach is what fuels the vision of Deakin moving towards greater success. Meticulous planning and strategy have been put in place to prepare the youth of the country to be futureready. The past two decades have been instrumental in benefiting over 13,000 Indian students and providing them with the means to learn the right skills and get jobs that enable them to become a valuable part of the global community. The research & innovation funded by the university address community-related issues such as health, use of smart technology, establishing a sustainable environment, and propelling cultural identities.

The University offers trans-disciplinary & multi-disciplinary courses that address the five important themes. All the endeavors supported by the university lay emphasis on advancing society, culture, and economy, building safe & secure communities, improving overall health and well-being, & building a sustainable world.


Universally acknowledged for its breakthrough researches on global social, economic, and scientific issues, Deakin University has earned name for its top-notch research quality and standards. An astounding 89% of its researches have been rated as brilliant by the Excellence in Research for Australia. With an adroit workforce and, an international network with a great outreach, Deakin University wishes to achieve the three I’s: Institution, Industry and Impact. It aims to widen the scope of research and innovate in various areas.


The Deakin India Research Initiative (DIRI) was established in 2010 with an aim to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The initiative facilitates working with a supervisor and placement of PhD students with a partner in India. Through this model, Deakin has forged some of the most synergistic collaborations in India. TERI Deakin Nano Biotechnology Centre (TDNBC) is one such ultramodern facility for research on using nanotechnology to solve issues such as food security and water availability in agriculture. It has collaborated with Tata Power and General Electric Company to develop and promote the use of sustainable energy. Similarly, Deakin’s partnership with Madras Diabetes Research Foundation is aimed at offering affordable healthcare options for diabetes. Deakin IIT Madras Centre of Excellence, Education and Research in Sport, and Centre for Social Enterprise are its other important collaborations.