Lapcare’s journey from Singapore to India has been a result of the booming information technology market in the country. However, the company’s journey from India to the world is the result of an imposing vision, a daring but focused strategy as well as passionate and devoted teams of sales, service and marketing. These factors have helped the company grow its presence from the national level to a global scale. The company, jointly with Rx Infotech Pvt. Ltd., has captured a market share in the Indian infotech space.


A company that makes no compromise with customer service yet continuously offers innovative and quality products, Lapcare’s sensitivity to its customers’ needs is another reason for the success it enjoys today. Within India, Lapcare has an impressive network of over 6,500 distributors he firm has been continually expanding to ensure a presence in all the major cities across the country. It aims to become the preferred choice when it comes to quality & nominally priced laptop accessories & spares.


When it comes to a service delivery model that is exemplary in terms of its operations and financial execution, apcare stands out from the rest. The management leaves no stone unturned in meeting the needs of its distributors, technology companies and its customers. The company has always prioritized impeccable service and timely addressing of the customers’ needs. Lapcare works towards increasing market impact and sales, widening geographical reach, lowering operating costs and achieving supply chain efficiencies he management steers the company towards its goal of delivering excellent products and services to the major players in the information technology sector.


Lapcare gives priority to the needs of its customers, utilizes its potential in serving the infotech sector as well as its customers with a wide variety of products in the domain of computers, laptops, mobiles and allied accessories. Lapcare’s association with almost all major IT brands has made it a single-point source for all computer and server spares as well as services. It also takes care of the peripheral needs of the IT sector. It’s services have been perfectly facilitated by a pan-India presence and a highly committed team of marketing and sales executives. The team is ever-ready in the pursuit of serving the customers with the best possible solutions to their hardware-related problems. Lapcare has a market reach beyond India & is now a global firm with a presence in ong ong, alaysia hina he firm offers a host of innovative & effective solutions through a supply chain network of retailers, resellers and stockists. They work towards providing reliable service as well as laptop accessories, spares and mobile solutions to customers who would otherwise find these at a higher price in their relevant markets. Moreover, Lapcare’s laptop protection plan assures the end-users of free-of-charge repairs or replacements of Lapcare batteries, adaptors & car power inverters among others.