Dr Batra’s® Healthcare

Dr Batra’s® Healthcare


Dr Batra’s® Healthcare is a name synonymous with commitment and dedication to the cause of providing world-class homeopathic healthcare. It has pioneered modern Homeopathy in India and is the first homeopathic chain of clinics in the world to receive ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

The story began in 1973, when Dr Mukesh Batra graduated from Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homeopathic Medical College and began practice in 1974 working in various clinics. The breakthrough came in 1982 when Dr Mukesh Batra set up his first clinic at Chowpatty in Mumbai which he then named Positive Health Clinic. The name helped differentiate his clinics from other Homeopathy clinics and started a wave of holistic healing as the clinic focused on not just Homeopathy but also on emotional and mental health.

In the year 1996, the company conducted a third party qualitative survey which brought forth two very important insights which helped us reach the success we have today.

The first insight was that patients always asked for Dr Batra when they visited the clinic which pointed to the fact that ‘Dr Batra’ was a brand in itself and was more recognized than ‘Positive Health Clinic’. The second and a very important insight was that Homeopathy was on an upswing and Positive Health Clinic was too generic and did not signify a Homeopathy brand. Thus Positive Health Clinic was then changed to Dr Batra’s™ Positive Health Clinic.

Dr Batra’s® logo also has a very interesting back story. The logo is 1/3rd red and 2/3rd blue with Dr Batra’s® in white ink and a pill man. Both red and blue are the two most recognizable brand colours and these are used by some of the biggest brands in the world including Facebook, Mc Donald’s, Ray Ban, Toyota and many more. The logo itself has 3 most important component of life viz., Red- which stands for blood and Blue- which stands for water and oxygen. This is balanced by the pill man which is just above the letter ‘r’. The pill man stands for the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang which represents the vital force in homeopathy which stands for internal strength which literally translates to immunity. The pill man represents the balance of immunity and the white dot is a Homeopathy pill. These together form the essence of Homeopathy.


Over the years, the brand grew from Dr Batra’s™ Positive Health Clinic to Dr Batra’s Homeopathy and Dr Batra’s™ Multi Specialty Clinics. Our products division was launched with the name ‘The Science of Beauty’ and our aesthetic solutions division was launched as ‘B-Perfect’.

In the year 2000, the company conducted another brand study which highlighted that ‘Dr Batra’s™’ was a well established and well-known brand which was easily recognized by the general audience. Following this insight, Dr Batra’s™ became the parent brand and all other business verticals were rebranded and placed under the parent brand, thus products was rebranded to Dr Batra’s® Products and B Perfect was changed to Dr Batra’s™ Aesthetic Solutions. This practice has continued and all new brands have been added under the mother brand which also includes new business ventures such as Dr Batra’s™ Petcare, Dr Batra’s™ Academy and Dr Batra’s™ International. This practice has given us rich dividends and all our sub brands enjoy the same trust and brand affinity like our parent brand with little to no advertising. The next step is to create independent sub brands. Our soon to be launched nutraceutical products will be branded Dr Batra’s™ Nutrigood™.

Dr Batra’s® has emerged as a centre of excellence in homeopathic treatment through a mission to promote preventive and remedial treatment with worldclass practices and competencies. The steadfast commitment to value patients and undying dedication of Dr Mukesh Batra and his staff to provide best services to the patients drives people from all walks of life to homeopathic solutions provided by Dr Batra’s®.