Gloster Cables

Gloster Cables

Recognised as a market leader in the field of electric cables manufacturing, GCL has a vast range of products such as electric cables and wires, low voltage cables insulated with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE), medium and high voltage cables, aerial bunched cables and domestic and industrial flexible cables. Gloster Cables Limited was incorporated in the year 1995, with Fort Gloster Industries Limited [FGI] as technical collaborator. GCL is fully dedicated to improve and maintain infrastructural facilities and stay ahead of the competition in terms of quality and price.


GCL’s applications of state-of-the-art production and testing facilities and strict adherence to ISI specifications have earned the company high prominence and ISO accreditation from the Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a Norway-based international certification body. The company has installed most-advanced, up-dated machinery and plant and is moving ahead with its ambitious plan of expanding the manufacturing network to include elastomeric insulated cables, mining and extra high voltage cables and instrumentation cables. The company also plans to set up a turnkey cabling project in near future.


The fundamental secret to success of any booming enterprise lies in the co- ordinated team-work and expertise. GCL has taken every precaution in this regard. Experienced and proficient employees are guided by the competent top management team of the company; everyone striving towards the common goal of improving the quality of the products.

Business acumen and entrepreneurial leadership of the founders have enabled the company to sell products at the lowest costs in India. Some of the factors which made it possible include high- quality-control, in-house production of all grades of PVC compounds, in-house facilities for routine tests, acceptance and type-tests as per national and international specifications, ensuring purchase and use of the best quality of raw material, inspection and testing of every material before and after production, and manufacturing of conductors with unidirectional lay process.


GCL is a customer-centred company, totally committed to supply best quality products to the customers. The company visualises its growth to 1000 crores in the next 5 years by strengthening its business relations with distributors and customers. The organisation ensures timely availability of products and convenience for customers by strictly adhering to time schedule and allowing customers to evaluate and share feedback on the quality of products. Based on the customers’ say and dynamic power needs, the organisation upgrades its products further.

The brand has acquired and maintained its presence in the entire country by setting up branches all over and through distributors. This has ensured reaching out to more and more customers and serving their power-related needs. Being one of the most popular brands, GCL enjoys a long-standing good will for its products.