Hatton National Bank

Hatton National Bank

The premier retail bank of Sri Lanka, with an annual turnover of Rs. 106.3 billion, Hatton National Bank has received a foreign currency issuer rating of B1, equivalent to the sovereign rating by Moody’s Investors Service and a national long-term rating of AA- by Fitch Ratings (Lanka) Ltd. Its recent acquisition of a microfinance company – Prime Grameen Pvt. Ltd. (rebranded as HNB Finance) – has enabled it to gain an enhanced access to the micro finance market.


It was the first bank in Sri Lanka to launch a mobile POS solution for the benefit of entrepreneurs, businesses and end consumers, and has deployed deposit-capable automated machines, cardless remittances and other advanced applications for transferring technology to its more than 2 million clients. The bank has also introduced Cash Management and Distributor Finance Solutions for its customers by upgrading its digital banking platform to provide them with greater availability of time and resources to focus on core skills.

To realise its vision of becoming the premier private sector bank in Sri Lanka, Hatton National Bank has collaborated with team Interbrand and team Deloitte with a special emphasis on digitisation and enhanced customer service.


Hatton National Bank has set its priority on providing safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to the communities lacking this basic requirement in correspondence with the Millennium Development Goals, and has helped various villages, temples, churches, schools and drought-hit areas to meet this goal. In 2005, the bank took an educational initiative to strengthen the resources and infrastructure at disadvantaged rural schools with a target of supporting 100 schools with libraries, and has assisted 200 schools till date.

The bank contributes to renovating the infrastructure to establish libraries, facilitate the donation of books, furniture and additional books on a yearly basis. The libraries programme has been effective in inculcating reading habits among the students, and has helped in improving the skills of more than 50000 children in the country. Since 2009, the bank has initiated steps towards environmental reforms and combating climate change by pursuing a two-pronged environmental responsibility ethics programme called the ‘HNB Green Pledge’, and has undertaken various projects including tree planting campaigns, e-waste campaigns and awareness programmes. The HNB Sustainability Foundation offers financial assistance through its ‘financial assistance to cancer patients programme’ to patients/ families affected by cancer by providing them with a monthly financial supplement to meet the additional expenses incurred due to cancer.


It was conferred with the Gold Award for Sustainability Reporting at ACCA Awards 2018 and received 5 awards for sustainability at Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2017.

With an objective of gaining recognition as a partner in providing financial solutions through its team of motivated people, Hatton National Bank emphasises on sustainability as a holistic and integral component of its corporate policy and business model.