Indfrag Biosciences Private Limited

Indfrag Biosciences Private Limited

Mr. Philip Samuel, the Chairman and Managing Director of Indfrag Biosciences, is a serial entrepreneur, venture idea generator, inventor and innovator. His career journey in companies manufacturing accurate engineering equipment helped him acquire a solid substructure in manufacturing processes.

After working in several corporate companies and developing relevant skills, he started Indfrag Biosciences to manufacture flower extracts for fine perfumery in collaboration with Unilever’s small French unit.

Under his guidance, Indfrag Biosciences continued diversifying and growing into sub-verticals such as plant extraction for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutrition and food industry.

It is under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. Philip Samuel that Indfrag Biosciences has carved a niche as one of the greatest brands of India.


Indfrag Biosciences currently focuses on manufacturing botanical extracts for the beauty industry and food industry. They successfully operate 5 manufacturing units (4 in India and 1 in Vietnam) of varying capacities at 3 sites that allow them the flexibility to supply a few milligrams to tons of kilos of extracts to their customers.

Furthermore, they have a vast global network of raw botanical extract suppliers in the Eastern Europe, and countries such as Ghana, Madagascar, and Indonesia. Indfrag Biosciences currently supply their active ingredients for cosmetics to the leading brands and companies in the EU, North/South America and Asia.

Indfrag Biosciences is committed to the best quality and abides to best practices. They believe in making innovative products with standardized manufacturing procedures that help them deliver the best to the customers.

The company has been certified by various independent bodies, and they have FAIR TRADE, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, KOSHER, HALAL and ISO certification for their factories and ingredients. Indfrag Biosciences is also a member of UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade).


Sustainability is at the core of all business decisions made at Indfrag Biosciences. They aim to create a resilient planet and happier communities by leveraging sustainability-driven innovation. Since they commenced their sustainability journey in 2014, they have implemented initiatives that reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability for long-term growth and stability. The organization values its employees, suppliers and customers as its most important assets, and deems customers pivotal in guiding and strengthening their sustainability actions. Together, they strive for collective impact by aligning their sustainability goals. It is their firm belief that the economic growth of an organization and its sustainability trajectory are closely intertwined. These aspects of development enable us to direct resources towards initiatives that create sustained value for all their stakeholders, including the ecological systems and communities which surround our operations.


Indfrag Biosciences aims to strengthen and expand their sourcing program. They are working to develop an all encompassing environmental and social sustainability strategy.

This strategy will increase the use of renewable energy in their manufacturing processes. It will articulate how they plan to transition to a circular economy, in the next five years, and will outline plans for conservation of natural ecosystems.