John Keells Holdings PLC

John Keells Holdings PLC

John Keells Holdings was established in the 1870s as a produce and exchange broker. However, its dedication to consistently reinvent, reorganize and align itself with the latest trends has put the organization on the path to becoming a global success. Today, the company holds a firm grip over a wide array of businesses. It owns hotels in Sri Lanka and the Maldives as well as tea broking, real estate, supermarket chains, logistics, IT solutions and food and beverage manufacturing amongst other businesses.


John Keells Holdings boasts of a rich legacy of 150 years, in which it has evolved along with helping the economy and growth of Sri Lanka. It has endlessly delivered exceptional value to its stakeholders and has set a benchmark as one of the most reputed and diversified businesses in the country. With the multiple milestones achieved in various businesses, the organization has contributed to the prosperity of Sri Lanka like no other. It has played a vital role in driving wealth and abundance through its tireless efforts. With the year 2020 marking the accomplishment of completing 150 years of its journey, the Group is grateful for all the support and admiration it has received along the way. Its stakeholders, shareholders, suppliers, partners, employees and the government are all a part of this triumphant sojourn and the organization does not shy away from being thankful.


The organization counts its talented, determined and persistent pool of employees as its strength. Their innovative ideas and immense experience have been constant contributors to the success of the Group. With an unmatched team of great leadership and a dedicated set of employees, John Keells Holdings has achieved some of the most distinguished landmark projects. The organization’s first-ever private port terminal in Sri Lanka,named South Asia Gateway Terminals (SAGT), is a cutting-edge project that underscores its accomplishments.


The company has an almost endless list of brands under its umbrella.It has Keells and Nexus mobiles in retail and JKL in plantation services. From John Keells Disruptive Minds in information technology to Cinnamon Air in transportation, the company has multiple brands serving the masses diligently. All of these brands have earned a distinct identity and are counted amongst the most successful businesses of the region.


Through the John Keells Foundation, the company aspires to empower the nation. By contributing a minimum of 1% of the annual profit towards social responsibility initiatives, the firm is hopeful of making a difference to many lives. Its focus is on providing value education, health and livelihood development. It also places emphasis on taking care of the environment, conserving culture and providing relief in times of a disaster and facilitating arts and culture.