SHURWID Industries Ltd.

SHURWID Industries Ltd.

An organization that caters to different industries including pharma, ITES, E-commerce and software services, SHURWID Industries Ltd. is a name to reckon with in Bangladesh. It manufactures rigid and flexible PVC films used in industries like pharma, food, automobile, furnishing, rainwear and construction among others. These high-quality films are non-toxic, free from plasticizers, durable and cost-effective. The company also makes disposable plastic products that are light-weight.

A modern services provider, it delivers all technological requirements including a robust robotic automation process. From a paperless meeting platform to active process mining and re-engineering junction, the organization does it all. Partnering with, the largest domestic travel platform in the country, the company has also made a foray into hotel booking facilities.

Its software system is jointly marketed with Infosapex Ltd in collaboration with Devnet Limited. By providing high-quality hardware systems and the software systems, SHURWID Industries Ltd. has turned into one of the preferred brands in the country.


Quality is the prime focus for SHURWID Industries Ltd. At its manufacturing unit, it has put in place a Quality Management System (QMS) that is based on international standards. It controls and monitors every stage of the manufacturing process for disposable products and PVC films.

The organization strictly tracks quality in not only its processes but also in the raw materials being used for the production as well. By obtaining the SGS certificate, the organization has gained significant reliability in the market as it meets the requirements of the Food Safety System and Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP.

It has a well-equipped chemical laboratory that makes the inspection of the raw material an easier process. The lab facilitates constant enhancement in the quality of products being manufactured. Not only does the cpmpany ensure quality maintenance & management but it also keeps abreast of the latest trends when it comes to quality assessment.


Industries Ltd. is aware of the role customer satisfaction plays in building a brand. It customizes its products according to the needs of its customers & pays great attention to keeping them happy.

The company follows the best internationally-recognized practices for everything from manufacturing & packaging to delivering pharmaceutical as well as food & beverage products. The brand believes in getting in touch with its customers frequently to assess their satisfaction level. It also provides feedback forms to improve its services.


Its high level of ethics, transparency, customer quality, & accountability have made the company’s operations unparalleled. While the organization offers a sense of contentment to its customers by maintaining high quality standards & transparency, it also ensures that its policies prove beneficial for its team.