Kenya To Scrap Visas For Global Visitors To Boost Tourism
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Kenya To Scrap Visas For Global Visitors To Boost Tourism

Kenyan President William Ruto declared on Tuesday that visitors from around the world will no longer need a visa to enter Kenya, effective January. Ruto unveiled a state-of-the-art digital platform designed to streamline the process, ensuring all visitors receive electronic travel authorization in advance.

During an event in Nairobi commemorating 60 years of independence from Britain, President Ruto emphasized the government’s commitment to easing travel barriers. He expressed that individuals globally will no longer be burdened with visa applications when planning a trip to Kenya.

This announcement aligns with Ruto’s persistent advocacy for visa-free travel within the African continent. During a conference in the Republic of Congo in October, he outlined plans for visa exemptions for people from African countries visiting Kenya by the end of 2023.

Kenya’s thriving tourism industry, known for its picturesque Indian Ocean coastline and captivating wildlife safaris, plays a pivotal role in the nation’s economy.

Ruto concluded his speech with a warm invitation, stating, “Kenya has a simple message to humanity: Welcome Home!” The move is expected to boost international tourism and further solidify Kenya’s position as a premier travel destination.