Tagore Medical College and Hospital

Tagore Medical College and Hospital

Promoting the Human Touch in Healthcare

Established in the year 2010 with an objective of shaping young men and women into dedicated and skilled medical professionals who are committed to the noble task of serving the community, Tagore Medical College and Hospital has been acclaimed for imparting high-quality medical education

Tagore Medical College was constituted as the need for an institute of excellence in the healthcare sector was deeply felt in the prevailing global scenario of population explosion,
environmental degradation and increased health related problems. Besides providing holistic training to the future medicos in Medicare Technology, endowing them with the requisite knowledge and skills in understanding and operating medical equipment, Tagore Medical College and Hospital also lays adequate emphasis on imparting soft skills to enable them to work in a team cohesively, with mutual respect and understanding, and to deal effectively with the patients.

Emerging as a Centre of Excellence

Tagore Medical College was established under the aegis of Tagore Education Trust, which
was formed in 1997 under the exemplary leadership of the Chairperson Professor M. Mala
(M.A, M.Phil), an Educationist and Philanthropist of great repute. Under her guidance,
the Trust is working committedly towards the noble task of offering state-of-the-art higher education in the field of Medicine, Engineering and Humanities, and has earned an enviable reputation by establishing institutions offering quality education.

By imparting world-class education and the required skillsets with an equal focus on ethics for developing the students as excellent professionals and responsible citizens, Tagore Medical College is consistently working on its mission of emerging as one of the top 10
medical colleges of the nation. Besides providing an intellectually stimulating environment to the medical students and implementing quality systems to achieve continual improvement, the institute focuses on patient care and research to meet the emerging needs of healthcare delivery. The new and emerging concepts in medical education and community-oriented healthcare programmes are continually facilitated by its qualified and
committed faculty.

A Transparent Approach for Getting Closer to Society

As an expression of its commitment towards making its facilities and working more transparent to its valued patients and general public, Tagore Medical College and
Hospital has introduced Citizen’s Charter. It is the institute’s attempt to get closer to the society.

The charter seeks to provide a framework which enables the general public to know about the nature and quality of services available in the hospital. It provides the patients with
an opportunity to report, in case a service mentioned in the charter is denied to them or a substandard service is provided.

With an aim of emerging as an institute of excellence in medical education, research
and healthcare services at the national and international level, Tagore Medical College
and Hospital is dedicatedly providing enriched education so as to instill high morals and
ethics of this noble profession in the upcoming young doctors, and is making advanced and
affordable healthcare facilities accessible to all – irrespective of the patients’ caste, creed or culture.