Adarsh Somani

Adarsh Somani


Mr. Adarsh Somani is the visionary behind Push India Push – a groundbreaking initiative aimed at elevating the health and fitness levels of Indians. The unique push-up challenge encourages people to embrace a journey towards improved health, enhanced physical strength, and increased stamina, besides equipping them to face life’s challenges with ease. The challenge is not just a fitness endeavour; it is a movement that embodies the spirit of a healthier, united, and socially responsible India


Mr. Adarsh Somani’s initiative stands as a shining example of how sports can be a catalyst for change and goodwill in society. Beyond fitness, it serves as a rallying point for the nation, fostering unity through the shared passions of sports, fitness, and overall wellness.

A Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University, Mr. Somani holds the position of the Managing Director at Oricon Enterprises Limited, a prominent subsidiary of Parijat Enterprises. The company boasts a diverse portfolio; it deals in the manufacturing of
plastic packaging, metal closures, and real estate ventures. Oricon Enterprises also operates a petrochemical unit situated in Khopoli, Maharashtra.

Furthermore, Mr. Somani has spearheaded the successful launch of several products under the Smyle brand, with its mouth ulcer gel emerging as the standout product. Remarkably, it stands as the sole herbal mouth ulcer relief solution available on a global scale.

Mr. Somani established Push India Push with the ambitious goal of building a healthier nation, aligning with the vision of a Swasth Bharat (Healthy India). He introduced the pioneering concept in honour of his late father, Shri Rajendra Somani. His multifaceted approach transcends mere physical fitness, encompassing the holistic well-being of Indian citizens. Through the organisation, the visionary leader promotes not only physical health,
but also spiritual and mental wellness. He champions women’s empowerment, offers guidance and motivation to the youth, and strives to elevate the happiness quotient among people. Through Push India Push, he endeavours to inspire and guide Indians towards holistic wellness, making significant strides towards a brighter and healthier future for the nation.


The inaugural Push-Up Challenge took place at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune, Maharashtra in April 2023, attracting over 17,000 participants. The event transcended boundaries of age, gender, caste, and religion, emphasising inclusivity. The participants spanned a remarkable age range, from 18 to 72 years, with differently-abled individuals also participating. This event not only promoted fitness, but also exemplified the power of sports to drive unity and collective wellness in India.

Furthermore, the Push-Up Challenge extended its reach to Bombay Gymkhana, where an Inter Club Push-Up Challenge coincided with the club’s 148th Founder’s Day celebration. The event showcased the collective efforts of members from eight elite clubs in South Mumbai. Their participation was not merely for personal achievement, but also for a noble cause—to raise funds in support of paraplegic soldiers who have valiantly served our nation. The event achieved remarkable success and raised Rs. 5 lakh, which has been wholeheartedly donated to the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Pune. This contribution will offer crucial care and support to the courageous soldiers who have endured life changing injuries while defending our nation. Aside from this, another similar event was conducted at the NSG Mumbai Hub wherein more than 250 commandos performed push-ups. Mr. Somani aims to expand the Push-Up Challenge to various cities across India. Through this initiative, he seeks to tap into the vast talent pool of the nation, thus, providing individuals with a platform to showcase their physical prowess.


In his quest for overall well-being, Mr. Somani places a profound emphasis on acknowledging and tackling the often-overlooked realm of mental health. In today’s society, the pervasive issue of mental health troubles a substantial segment of the population, with a staggering 50% struggling with depression or related challenges. The leader staunchly asserts that addressing mental health is not a mere option but an absolute necessity, driven by the alarming surge in predicaments like child obesity, excessive screen time among all age groups, depression, domestic violence, and soaring divorce rates. His holistic approach underscores that nurturing mental wellness is paramount in our increasingly demanding world, promoting not just healthier individuals but also more resilient communities. He aims to create a positive impact by encouraging open conversations about depression, stress, and related concerns.

To effectively address these pressing concerns, Mr. Somani has forged a partnership with the women-led spiritual organisation – Brahma Kumari. With a rich history and a stellar reputation, Brahma Kumari has garnered immense respect and recognition in India. He also hosts insightful chat shows and talk sessions focused on mental health and mental fitness to help individuals engage in meaningful discussions and seek guidance.


Mr. Somani’s ability to bring out the best in his team members sets him apart as a leader. His people-first approach to leadership has not only driven business success, but also created a workplace culture that values collaboration, loyalty, and a shared vision of growth. Remarkably, many of his team members have remained with him for over three decades, which demonstrates his ability to cultivate lasting relationships with his employees. Furthermore, being a people person, he views his team as a close-knit family that has grown older together.

Being a visionary leader, Mr. Somani is in a relentless pursuit of his dreams. At the core of his ambition lies a burning desire to become an angel investor to propel the growth of innovative start-ups and young entrepreneurs. His unyielding enthusiasm for connecting with the latest generation of innovators fuels his quest to uncover groundbreaking ideas and visionary projects. His approach involves engaging with these budding talents and meticulously evaluating their pitches so that he can contribute to their ventures. Looking ahead, Mr. Somani aspires to establish a personal investment fund, positioning himself as a fund investor as well as an income investor. His determination shines through as he sets an audacious goal to raise this fund within the remarkably short timeframe of 6-8 months.


A dedicated fitness enthusiast, Mr. Somani achieved a remarkable feat in 2017 by securing a coveted spot in the Limca Book of Records for his exceptional fitness accomplishments. He proudly holds the prestigious Taekwondo Dan 1 title from Korea. As a gymnast and Parkour artist, he embodies the principles of movement, agility, and strength that are central to his fitness initiatives. His personal commitment to fitness is not just a part of his life, but an integral way of his life.