Aizaz Tahsildar

Aizaz Tahsildar

Mr. Aizaz is based in India and holds an MSc and an MBA. With an analytical mindset and a strong aptitude for strategy, he possesses excellent people management and communication skills. He brings a lot of vigor, commitment, and honesty to the work. One reason for his first continuous growth is his relentless pursuit of excellence and not resting on his laurels. He continuously strives to keep his customers happy and participate in making of digital India.


His perspicacity helped him manage a professional team of consultants from various countries, culture and successfully deliver critical, time-bound projects in digital banking technology and operational process optimization of the Issuance and Acquiring platform. He is a team player, a coach, and a mentor for his squad, and he periodically adopts the roles of coach, visionary, authoritarian, and pacesetter.


Mr. Aizaz’s decade-long experience in fintech industry has been extremely beneficial for the organization. Mr. Aizaz introduced excellent governance-related reforms as a crucial necessity for success. He and his team possess the necessary critical skills to ensure that governance is taken more seriously and new digital payment channels are quickly launched into the market in full compliance with necessary regulations. His firm Indipaisa collaborated with Indian Payments Bank, licensed lenders and insurers to provide top notch fintech services at competitive pricing and assist small Indian companies keep up with the country’s digital move toward a cashless society. The company is dedicated to innovation, in-depth subject matter knowledge, and technical fintech competence that the Indian SME market requires.


Mr. Aizaz has established himself as a leader who recognizes the importance of MSMEs in the Indian market. For a decade, his organization has been supplying digital banking technology to various regions in MENA, Asia, and Europe and now the focus is towards India with a brand name “Indipaisa”. His business is already live with merchants in Delhi/NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka and has recently collaborated with banks and fintech companies in India to deliver end-to-end digital commercial banking solutions, driven by social networks, to millions of underserved Indian micro-SMEs. He has experienced and comprehended the issues encountered by MSMEs on several occasions. In order to address this, he developed disruptive product development with his team, which has been guided over the past ten years by AI and Machine learning analysis of MSME needs.


Mr. Aizaz’s expertise in his field has turned him into a trendsetter for which he has been awarded several honors globally. His firm was recognized as the “Best Technology Company in the Middle East” during the “Qatar Business Awards 2019.” Receiving the title of “No. 1 Fintech Company in Qatar” for his organization is yet another feather in his hat, along with awards such as the “Best Mobile Money App in the Middle East” and the “Best Payment Processing Company in the Middle East”.