Angela Rayner Named Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister

Angela Rayner Named Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister

In Keir Starmer’s cabinet, Angela Rayner has been named Britain’s next Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Levelling Up. Well-known for her tremendous political clout, her goal is to successfully direct the administration.

Rayner, a Stockport native born in 1980, grew up on a council estate before dropping out of school when she was sixteen and expecting her first child. After overcoming early obstacles, she went on to serve as a carer and union representative before becoming the North West convenor for Unison, which represents 200,000 people. As the first female MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, Rayner joined parliament in 2015 and has held several shadow cabinet posts.

Rayner encountered and conquered internal party problems after being elected as the Labour Party’s deputy leader in 2020. Her pragmatic attitude and left-leaning stance are well-known, with her emphasis on the importance of winning elections to carry out Labour’s policies.

Significant abuse has been inflicted upon Rayner, including rape and threats of murder. She has been embroiled in controversy over comments she made regarding Conservatives being “scum” and an inaccurate piece in the Mail on Sunday. There was no police action taken in response to inquiries about her living situation or tax situation.