ARK Group

ARK Group

Building a Magnificent World

With its emergence in 1989, ARK Group began setting new standards in the real estate industry. The boom of innovation brought in by the firm made its competitors sit up, take notice, and work hard to match up to its level. It continues to be the cornerstone of excellence in real estate industry; from dream houses to institutional and corporate structures, the brand does it all

Efficiently meeting the residential and commercial real estate requirements of a widespread consumer base for three consecutive decades, ARK Group has always ensured timely possession to clients. No wonder the firm possesses a huge base of satisfied customers.

A Trustworthy Brand

Over the years, ARK Group has delivered the promises it has made to its customers. This is one of the main reasons that make it a preferred choice of real estate buyers in Hyderabad
and Bengaluru.

No matter which type of building it is — homes, industries or institutional premises — time-bound delivery of project, quality, and the management is all taken due care of. ARK Group has set a benchmark in the industry and it makes sure that the standard only improves with time.

When it comes to making bespoke living spaces, the brand is a favourite among those living in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The B2B associations of ARK Group include reputed names such as TATA Boeing, Mahindra CIE, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Department of Atomic Energy, Schneider Electric etc.

The Trendsetter

The deep-rooted experience of industry professionals working with the organisation and extraordinary craftsmanship make all the ventures, such as residential projects, industrial edifices, and educational structures across the nation a specimen of elegance and strength. The group uses unique design language that it uses to express itself and showcase its creativity in the form of amazing housing complexes, institutional and industrial surroundings.

With value-added real estate solutions, the ARK Group has set itself up as a highly valued company that marks its presence with the most eye-catching and monumental structures for personal as well as commercial use. Though, the operations of the group are centered in and around two most popular South Indian cities i.e. Hyderabad and Bangalore, it also undertakes projects for nationally recognized brands in different cities. Currently, the Group has multiple housing projects like ARK Cloud City, ARK Hema etc. lined up beside the already delivered residential projects, which include ARK Homes, ARK Eternal Springs, ARK Serene County, etc.

Ensuring Development for All

Mr. Gummi Ram Reddy, the CMD of the organisation ensures that all projects are carried out keeping in mind sustainability and long-term ecological feasibility. He established SARAG Agro Farms to promote organic farming and produce quality paddy, fruits and vegetables.

He also founded the ARK Foundation in 2010 to provide equal learning opportunities to people belonging to different sections of society and offers financial help to underprivileged students As a popular realty firm that works towards making lives better in the country, especially by providing affordable homes, ARK Group is one of the most philanthropically active members of the real estate sector.