Burzin Nanavatti

Burzin Nanavatti


Mr. Burzin Nanavatti, a renowned Australian entrepreneur and business transformation consultant, has over three decades of diverse expertise spanning the energy, infrastructure, mining, Australian immigration, and technology sectors. Renowned for his tenacity, pragmatic problem-solving skills, and unwavering commitment to success, Mr. Nanavatti’s leadership has propelled FBP International to the forefront of Australian immigration services. His ability to manage fruitful business ventures makes him an extraordinary figure in the field of international business and partnership development.


Hailing from a venerable Parsee family steeped in India’s rich business tradition, the leader brings a unique blend of cultural insight and political acumen to the table. Today, the Australia-based entrepreneur stands as an extraordinary figure, renowned for his unparalleled expertise in building global networks. Entrepreneurs, consultants, and professionals alike seek his advice and consider him the go-to authority for dealing with the complexities of the global business landscape.

Mr. Nanavatti founded FBP International in March 2014. Under Mr. Nanavatti’s able guidance, the company offers comprehensive immigration solutions to ensure client satisfaction. Over the years, the company has emerged as a pioneering force in the Australian immigration industry. It consistently sets new standards to stand out in the competitive immigration services market.


Mr. Nanavatti’s expertise spans a myriad of industries, such as IT resources, energy, immigration, infrastructure mining, advertising, marketing, and technology. His deep understanding of multiple markets and cultural nuances positions him as a specialist in start-up ventures, venture capital, and enterprise management. Furthermore, his ability to create win-win deals and his extensive network of contacts make him an irreplaceable asset in the global business landscape. The seasoned leader’s innate strategic astuteness drives him to manage multiple projects as a Global Networking Facilitator, Strategic Advisor, Expert Negotiator, and Project Consultant. His ability to manage multiple projects makes him a sought-after business transformation consultant.


In his illustrious career, Mr. Nanavatti has consistently demonstrated his prowess in facilitating lucrative partnerships and business deals. He also excels in forging strategic cross-border business alliances and cultivating ties with influential industry titans and political stalwarts in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. The consummate global connector leverages his extensive network across public, private, and government sectors to forge impactful alliances worldwide. With support from prestigious organisations such as the Royal Government of Bhutan and BioSA, is actively shaping government projects and opening up investment possibilities worldwide. Furthermore, his role as an exclusive mandate consultant for Al Manhal Group, UAE, highlights his reputation as a trusted advisor in facilitating project and infrastructure financing for global governments and organisations. In December 2013, the Maldives Government Officials gave him the go-ahead and exclusive responsibility to advise, and guide them in working with new investment partners in different areas like oil bunkering, building houses, IT, transportation, fishing, and tourism. The leader also has a stellar track record in establishing, managing, and scaling international enterprises.


The seasoned business profit optimiser also proposed and implemented the Qualifications Australia platform in August 2022 for streamlining the acquisition of offshore Australian qualifications. Speaking about the platform’s essence, Mr. Nanavatti asserts, “Qualifications Australia serves as a service provider for streamlining the acquisition of offshore Australian qualifications. It requires only work sample industry evidence for assessment, aligned with the rigorous standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).”

Clients have to undergo document evaluation, which enables them to attain internationally recognised Australian qualifications, essential for Australian immigration applications and enhancing employment prospects worldwide.” He adds, “This platform offers assistance across all 10 AQF certification levels, ranging from basic certificate to Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Graduate Diploma qualifications.

Mr. Nanavatti also played a crucial role in the sale of UAE IBA and F4MG Franchise Rights to a European company in September 2022. This step paved the way for office expansions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, in January 2024, he facilitated the buyback of the UAE IBA and F4MG Franchise Rights to ensure smooth operations and profitability. In June 2023, he successfully facilitated the acquisition and setup a master franchise in association with Immigration Business Alliance Partner’s (IBA) Master Franchise in India and helped it expand its footprint across India. Mr. Nanavatti’s stellar stewardship has made FBP International the quintessential ally for families, individuals, and companies seeking opportunities in Australia’s booming immigration landscape. Furthermore, families, individuals, and companies looking for opportunities in Australia rely on the company as a reliable ally in the ever-changing Australian immigration market.


In June 2010, he was granted a Letter of Authorization and Exclusive Mandate by Reliance Solar India, a division of Reliance Industries Ltd, to exclusively promote and facilitate their comprehensive range of solar photovoltaic products and solutions. In 2014, he was invited by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, to participate in a forum held at the Government House in Melbourne, Australia. The event, hosted by the Australia India Business Council, Australia India Institute, and the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, featured a select group of prominent Australian business leaders. He also received an invitation from the Honourable Prime Minister of Bhutan and his delegation during their Australia visit in 2016. Mr. Nanavatti played a crucial role in assisting the Bhutanese government in chalking out a strategy for offering training, educational opportunities, and industrial placements in Australia for citizens of Bhutan. With Mr. Nanavatti’s visionary leadership, FBP International has become the gold standard for Australian immigration services. His business acumen has earned him several prestigious accolades, including the Best Australian Immigration Firm 2023-2024 award at the esteemed Global Saga Award function held in Dubai. The acclaim received at the award ceremony honours the company’s past accomplishments besides propelling FBP International towards a future characterised by sustained excellence.