Dr. Shruti Sharma

Dr. Shruti Sharma

A Visionary Leader in Education

Dr.Shruti Sharma is a distinguished leader and the CEO of the Brindavan Group of Institutes (BGI) in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Her journey is marked by exceptional academic and professional achievements, driving BGI to become a beacon of educational excellence. A graduate of Computer Science Engineering with an Honorary Doctorate, Dr. Sharma’s leadership is characterised by her strategic vision, innovative approach, and dedication to organisational growth

Academic and Professional Excellence

Dr. Sharma’s academic background in Computer Science Engineering and her Honorary Doctorate underscore her commitment to education. A Gold Medallist in academics under UG, she has garnered numerous national and international awards, with the list going up to “Inspiring Leaders Award” from Aryavarth Express, “Most Admired CEO of the Year-2023” award from Esteemed Governor of Telangana, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, “Most Dynamic Woman Leader of the Year” during Atal Samman Samaroh 2023” from Shri Athawale Ramdas Bandu, Minister of state for Social Justice and Empowerment of India; Rising Bharat “Real Heroes” presented by Smt. Hema Malini; “Indo-Global Achiever Award” from Global Human Rights Council; “Women of Excellence 2024” from the most reputed magazine CEO Review; “40 Under 40 Most influential Young Leaders 2023-24, and “World Leading Leader” award at House of Lords, British Parliament, London for the service of excellence in education on 25th April 2024 from WCRCINT and WCRLEADERS summit – all of which have been received for her significant contribution to the education sector. She excels in formulating and executing strategic plans that steer institutions toward sustainable growth and improved profitability. Her ability to enhance operational efficiencies and expand market share has significantly contributed to BGI’s success.

Leadership in Education

Dr. Sharma is renowned for her dynamic leadership and innovative mind-set. She is revolutionising the Brindavan Group of Institutes with her visionary leadership. Her strategic focus on academic excellence and innovative teaching methodologies has significantly enhanced the institution’s reputation. She has successfully built high-performance teams and enabled a culture of innovation at BGI. Her understanding of the sector and industry trends positions her as a stalwart in the education sector. Under her guidance, BGI has seen substantial growth through strategic planning, expanding academic programme, and upgrading campus infrastructure.

Dr. Shruti Sharma is a skilled leader who creates high-performing teams, encourages innovation, and inspires staff members to realise their true abilities. She is recognised as a true industry stalwart due to her extensive knowledge of the educational sector and astute comprehension of the constantly changing industry trends. Through the cultivation of an environment that values quality and constant progress, she guarantees the Brindavan Group of Institutes’ survival in a cutthroat educational market. The institution’s continuous success and expansion are greatly attributed to her strategic vision and capacity for motivating her staff.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Dr. Sharma’s leadership extends beyond academics to social responsibility. She is deeply committed to promoting social justice and equity through various CSR initiatives. These include diversity and inclusion programmes, scholarships for underrepresented groups, and addressing systemic educational inequalities. By integrating CSR into BGI’s academic and research activities, she aims to enhance the institution’s social impact. Dr. Sharma also champions global CSR efforts to foster cultural understanding and address global challenges such as poverty, health, and climate change.

Empowering the Next Generation

Dr. Sharma’s vision for BGI includes a continuous focus on innovation, academic excellence, and social responsibility. Her strategic initiatives and resilient leadership have set a high standard in the education sector, ensuring that BGI remains at the forefront of academic and social advancement. Her multifaceted approach to leadership and her unwavering commitment to societal betterment exemplify her as a transformative leader in the education sector.

Dr. Shruti Sharma’s journey is a testament to the impact of visionary leadership and dedication on societal progress. Her contributions to BGI and the broader educational community highlight her as a role model for aspiring leaders in the sector.