Gaurav Kundu

Gaurav Kundu


Mr. Kundu, an Indian army veteran, founded Tiranga Logistics in 2017 to make it the most trusted logistics company in the country. He graduated from Delhi University and, after retirement from the Indian Army, completed an executive MBA programme from IIM Ahmedabad.

After working for nine years in leading companies such as MFive Group, Amazon and Pepsico Bottlers, he decided to start his venture. His primary focus is to provide seamless and streamlined customer service.


Mr. Kundu has unique enterprising skills and management techniques and always comes up with innovative business ideas. One of his most noticeable ideas was the Central Command Centre, wherein he established a separate team to govern and assess all the transport and logistics-related challenges through one single point.

As a first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Kundu has taken various leadership initiatives to make a special place for his organisation. He is known to provide equal job opportunities to his employees, maintain authentic relationships with the team, reward his employees generously based on their engagement levels, and think about their individual needs.


Mr. Kundu has a great sense of teamwork and inspires his workforce by ensuring that he is always present for them during any adverse situation. He encourages and motivates his team to accomplish all the complex tasks within the time limit.

He does not confine himself within his office cabin and instead gets involved in all the tasks he assigns to his team. There is regular interaction with the team leaders, and Mr. Kundu also conducts weekly reviews for the smooth functioning of his business and maintains a comfortable environment for all his employees.

On the successful completion of five years, he rewarded the team members with cars and bikes as per their performances. All these efforts put in by him make him a charismatic leader.


Under Mr. Kundu’s leadership, his company, Tiranga Logistics, has seen tremendous success. In the short span of five years, he has generated a revenue of Rs. 250 crores, and today, his organisation is well-recognised in the logistics sector.

His achievements are a result of his reliable and cost effective strategies to operate as India’s most trusted technology-driven logistics service provider. To achieve this, he has incorporated a culture of honesty and dedication in his organisation, aiming to build a solid and mutually beneficial relationship with all his clients. Mr. Kundu is very considerate about his clients’ needs and aspires for Tiranga Logistics to become a one-stop solution for customers’ supply chain and logistics needs.


Being a retired army officer, Mr. Kundu knows his responsibility towards the environment and society. So, he collaborated with different clients to plant trees to protect the environment. Today, his organisation participates in various tree plantation drives; the company has planted more than 1,000 saplings. When one works hard, the efforts never go wasted.

In Mr. Kundu’s journey as Managing Director and CEO, he has won several awards. He received the D&B SME and Mid Corporate Business Excellence Award in 2021 and the Indian Achievers Award. Under his leadership, Tiranga Logistics has received several accreditations, such as ISO 9001:2015, TAPA, IBA and FSSAI