Hitachi Systems India

Hitachi Systems India

Hitachi Systems India is propelling the digital transformation of organizations through integrated IT solutions and services. Hitachi Systems India serves giant corporations, mid-sized companies, and small businesses across various industries, thanks to its multi-technology capabilities and experience.

In addition, it is working towards realizing its shared corporate mission of social innovation; it helps magnify this distinctiveness by providing business aligned IT services and solutions via flexible engagement and operating models.


Today’s business world operates in a multifaceted and dynamic IT environment where you need knowledge, skill, progressive technology, and tools to understand data and support organizational efficiency. Hitachi Systems India assists enterprises in juggling this variety of priorities with Hitachi Managed Services.

Inventiveness and cost-effective operations are essential in the digital disruption transformational era. The key to the intelligent environment is being unlocked by integrating data from diverse sources across the IT environment. Hitachi offers a digital ecosystem that is automated, extremely secure, proactive, smart enough to provide root cause investigation and has an immediate service response.


Traditional data centers were not designed to keep up with the development of edge, cloud, and high-speed computing or to handle the risk environment. To fill this gap, Hitachi Systems India ensures that all the crucial IT assets are affordable and future-proof with their end-to-end data center capabilities, including design and build through optimization and modernization.

Data breaches are a matter of concern, and networks are frequently compromised without anyone even being aware. To mitigate and contain this, Hitachi Systems India has managed services offerings around it which includes assessment, consultation, remediation, and sustenance. Hitachi Systems India shares its knowledge and experience in building, integrating, and implementing some of the most secure networks in this industry, which has given them credibility in this field.


Cloud computing has accelerated digital transformation. This technology has permeated all business dimensions, industries, and geographic regions. Hitachi Systems India is supporting and backing up today’s multinational corporations in achieving intuitively digital by utilizing the cloud as part of their strategy. This device as a service offering improves end-user productivity, IT efficiency, and organizational effectiveness by addressing every stage of the device life cycle from conception to disposal.


The Hitachi Group’s identity shapes the character of Hitachi Systems India. Its mission is to contribute to society by developing outstanding original technology and products, keeping the core values of Harmony, Sincerity, and Pioneering Spirit intact. It also envisages delivering innovations that address society’s concerns.

Hitachi has a solid commitment to bringing about technologies that tackle major social issues on a worldwide scale. Their CSR includes enhancing the standard of living in the areas that have been surrounding the units of their activities. They are continuing with the mission to contribute to the success of their clients and the global community by offering reliable technology and advanced solutions.