IBA Partner

IBA Partner


Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA), an Australian firm for immigration business setup & ICT platform, is a leader in migration and qualification business. A pivotal aggregator and ICT platform, it fosters collaborations with 100% franchise growth and high qualification success rates. Clients admire its affordable facilitation of Australian PR visas and qualifications.

At the core, IBA’s mission is a commitment to building businesses, nurturing relationships, and fostering partnerships. The firm’s international footprint is not just a map of locations; it is a well-thought strategy to cater to the unique needs of diverse populations. Each master franchise and agent is strategically positioned to offer personalised and culturally sensitive services. These franchises, far from being mere extensions of IBA, emerge as dynamic hubs integrating local expertise with the company’s vast global knowledge base. IBA directs its attention to the particular regulations, cultural subtleties, and legal complexities present in every individual country and region.


IBA collaborates with esteemed service providers like FBP International, Qualifications Australia, eVisa Australia, and Aussie English. The seasoned experts at FBP International possess over 50 years of collective experience in Australian migration and settlement. Providing end-to-end support in visa and settlement services in Australia, FBP International has a strong global presence. ‘Qualifications Australia’ facilitates accredited educational qualifications aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework. It streamlines the process of granting Australian Qualifications by evaluating the client’s work experience and skill set. The eVisa Australia simplifies the visa acquisition process and aids international travellers visiting Australia by guiding them through the ETA and Visitor Visa application process. Aussie English, with its team of language experts, provides comprehensive training for IELTS and PTE tests.


IBA’s unique approach goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. The master franchises, outsourcing sales agents, and sales agents, strategically situated, play an important role in offering tailored migration solutions. This involves considering specific regulations, cultural, and legal nuances in each country and region. The success stories of IBA are not just about crossing borders; they exemplify understanding and thriving within each unique context. This firm strongly emphasizes being client-centric and working for the satisfaction of its clients. The approach involves tailoring products, services, and interactions to meet clients’ unique requirements, fostering strong relationships and ensuring that client feedback plays a central role in shaping the company’s strategies and offerings.


With an outstanding success rate, IBA has helped countless clients, achieving over 3000 positive outcomes. The firm’s end-to-end assistance in visa and settlement services in Australia has positioned it as a trusted partner for simplifying Australian migration and setting up businesses.


As IBA continues to expand its reach, the firm remains dedicated to building businesses, fostering relationships, and nurturing partnerships. The collaborative synergy of IBA and its partner entities with the proven success records create a robust platform for individuals and businesses alike, unlocking global opportunities with a personalised touch. Whether it is migration, qualification, or business ventures, IBA is a guiding force in the journey of global endeavours.