India Reverses Decision to Impose Restrictions on Laptop Imports

India Reverses Decision to Impose Restrictions on Laptop Imports

The Government of India has decided to rescind its earlier decision to impose restrictions on laptop imports. Trade Secretary Sunil Barthwal made this announcement on October 13.

The original plan, which sought to implement a licensing system for laptop imports on August 3, was intended to ensure the entry of “trusted hardware and systems” into India. However, it faced a three-month delay due to opposition from the industry and criticism from other countries. Major tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, and HP would have been significantly affected had the initial plan gone into effect.

It’s important to note that this reversal does not entail a return to the previous import protocol. Santosh Kumar Sarangi, the Director General of Foreign Trade, has stated that the government is currently engaging with industry stakeholders to formulate a new set of regulations. This revised framework is expected to be unveiled by the end of October.

Iin August 2023, the Indian government declared its intention to make import licenses mandatory for electronic products, including laptops and tablets, starting from November 1, 2023. However, the enforcement of these restrictions was suspended, and has now been discarded in favour of a forthcoming alternative approach.