Japan, US, Canada, and Philippines Strengthen Naval Cooperation

Japan, US, Canada, and Philippines Strengthen Naval Cooperation

Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) has announced the completion of joint naval exercises with the United States, the Philippines, and Canada in the South China Sea. During Sunday’s manoeuvres, ships from the Royal Canadian Navy, the Philippine Navy, the United States Navy, and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force all participated.

Collectively, these four nations have never before participated in “Maritime Cooperative Activity” like this. The participating vessels were put through their paces in a series of training exercises designed to test their coordination skills, particularly those involving navigation and communication. Along with the US, Philippine, and Australian navies, Japan’s MSDF took part in a comparable Maritime Cooperation Activity in the South China Sea in April.

To promote security, peace, and maritime order in the region, Japanese officials from the MSDF emphasised the importance of strengthening collaboration with Japan’s partners and allies. This partnership comes at a time when China’s involvement in the region is on the rise, and Philippine vessels have been repeatedly disrupted by Chinese patrol ships.

These nations are showing solidarity by conducting this exercise together in response to the threats to regional stability caused by China’s aggressive naval activities.