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Despite being trained in fashion styling, make-up and photography, Jayanti Chauhan, the only child of Bisleri owner Ramesh Chauhan, decided to follow her father’s footsteps. When she took over as the director of the brand, she faced a humungous task of proving herself to the world as the rightful heir of 1,000 crore iconic bottled water brand. She did not disappoint! She took calculative steps that would not only add to the face value of the brand but also preserve its stature. She started with infusing much-needed energy into the team, ensuring that the brand does not lose out to other players in the market, and also perking up the face value of premium water brands of the company like Vedika and Bisleri.

Bisleri was the first bottled water brand to venture in India, and such is the popularity of the brand that it has become a standard name for the bottled mineral water across the country. An Italian company bought by Parle in 1969, it offers mineral and mountain water in various packs for household and office premises. Jayanti believes in providing an affordable and purified drinking water to people, and also supports eco-friendly initiatives, that helps purify the natural sources of drinking water.

Having learned the finer nuances of the business from her father, Jayanti has scripted a success story that is worth admiration.