Most Influential Women



First media and then business, Roshni Nadar Malhotra has been a good player of both the worlds. Though, leaving a full-fledged media job was not easy for Roshni, yet she decided to take her father’s advice to take over the reins of her family business, the HCL Corporation. Being the only child of Shiv Nadar, it was indeed important that she gave her family business the most needed attention. And she did not disappoint.

She has brought with herself a global outlook, premeditated vision and a passion for social enterprise. The ropes of business which she learnt from her father helped her build HCL Group as an institution that relies on the values of trust and commitment to a social cause.
As a CEO and Executive Director of the HCL Corporation, she is accountable for strategic decisions that would propel the corporation into a good direction in key areas like governance, investments, portfolio management and diversification. She is also a Director on the Board of one of the group companies, HCL Technologies, and also a Trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation. She has also been involved in a joint initiative with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to promote the education of the Dalit and Muslim girl child in the rural belt of UP.