Most Influential Women


Her journey is an inspirational saga that reminds the patriarchal world of the potential a woman entrepreneur has in her actions. Today, this 80-year-old billionaire has proved what a woman can do when she breaks the monotonous cycle of the stereotypical roles assigned to her by the society. Reaching ahead with a determined mind, she now focuses on creating more Indu Jains for establishing equilibrium in the society.

Ms. Jain’s enigmatic strength and astonishing achievements have certainly made an impact on the way people see women’s status in society. This epitome of women power graciously manages Times Group which is one of the largest media names in the country.

It is the result of her matchless determination that the Times Group has become one of the largest media moguls of the nation. The media publishing house of the Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd—owned by the Times Group—produces huge brand names in newspapers and magazines like the Times of India, The Economic Times, Femina, Times FM and the Filmfare. It also has a number of TV channels and radio stations to its credit like Zoom, Times Now, ET Now and Radio Mirchi.

Philosophies of Spirituality

Reflecting her spiritual philosophy in her own words, she once said, “In life whatever step I take, every step is for nothing but giving people the touch of spirituality.” This is what she aims to do through her initiatives.

Her spiritual heart also beats with the philosophies of peace and integrity. The Oneness Forum, formally launched by the President of India in 2003, also works under the leadership of Ms. Jain. In the year 2000, she addressed the United Nations at Millennium World Peace Summit. Spreading the message of Peace Within First, Ms. Jain spearheads a movement to spread the principles of peace across the world.

A passionate lover of art, she writes spiritual columns for Times Foundation. Ms. Jain is the sponsor of literature & culture and Founder President of the Ladies Wing of FICCI. She also works as chairperson of the Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust, which is India’s highest literary award giver.

Generosity Personified

Ms. Jain’s life reflects her passion, her zeal to reach for perfection and her dedicated soul. A role model for many women, she is one of the leading figures that actively support women empowerment and entrepreneurship. She motivates budding entrepreneurs & believes in their abilities to make way for themselves in the world.

Her versatility reflects through the initiatives she takes to bring positive transformations in the society. The philanthropic organization, Times Foundation, was the result of her sheer dedication towards the society’s welfare, running community services, research groups and relief funds for various disaster reliefs such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes and epidemics.

While her foundation has received numerous accolades on national & international platforms, Ms. Jain has also been felicitated with many prestigious awards. She has been awarded the International Life Time Achievement Award by the ICW. She was honored with the Padma Bhushan by the Indian govt. in 2016.