Kazakhstan’s Diplomatic Influence Showcased at SCO Summit

Kazakhstan’s Diplomatic Influence Showcased at SCO Summit

Representing more than 3 billion people, the SCO Summit is an important occasion that is crucial to multilateral cooperation, economic progress, and regional stability. Kazakhstan highlights the significance of the SCO in its foreign policy as a founding member. Roman Vassilenko, Kazakhstan’s deputy foreign minister, emphasised the country’s dedication to equality, respect for one another, and reaching consensus.

More than 150 events with an emphasis on energy, digitization, and environmental preservation were held when Kazakhstan was the SCO president. Vassilenko mentioned that the United Nations Environment Programme has been partnered with and that 2024 has been declared the SCO Year of Ecology. The summit’s objectives are to build ties between member states, improve commerce, address security concerns, and advance environmental protection.

The SCO Initiative “On World Unity for Just Peace and Harmony,” put up by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has garnered unanimous support. Vassilenko highlighted Kazakhstan’s emerging prominence as a medium-sized power and its function as a centre for global diplomacy.

This year, Kazakhstan is also the chair of five other significant international organisations, which is indicative of President Tokayev’s successful foreign policy. The nation, which produces 60% of the GDP of Central Asia, experienced a notable expansion in its economy and an influx of international capital.