MGH Group

MGH Group

Offering Comprehensive Workplace Solutions Globally

Spread over several Afro-Asian countries, MGH Group runs useful global distribution system (GDS) services, including FMCG contract logistics, supply chain solutions, such as ocean carriers, airlines GSA, radio & television network, IT solutions and inland movement of consumer goods

Initiating its operations as distributor representative on behalf of Gillette in Bangladesh and at present headquartered in Singapore, the MGH Group of Companies expanded its operations from Dhaka to the other cities of Bangladesh – Chittagong, Feni, Sylhet and Moulvi Bazar, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Galileo Bangladesh, from the year 2000 onwards with 900 travel agencies on board, capturing the lion’s market share of 40%. Today, it is spread over a large number of Afro-Asian countries such as Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Subsequently, the Galileo Nepal and Galileo Mauritius initiated business operations in their respective countries in 2005 & 2007 respectively, the former enjoying the leading position with 45% of market share of after five-six years of its operations serving 400 travel agencies in the capital Kathmandu and Pokhra, and the latter having a strong hold on the Mauritius market, receiving calls for business assistance from 70 travel agencies and also being called to service for joint promotion with Air Mauritius, the national flag carrier in April 2015.

Spurred by an unquenchable thirst and ambition for global dominance, the MGH Group started corporate operations in 2010 with a particular focus on Online Travel Agencies to promote clientele and gain major market share, followed by Galileo Nigeria in 2011 with the
mission to widen distribution network for continual growth across Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and many others by serving a total of 800 travel agencies.

Global Presence and Outreach

MGH borrows logistics services from different shipping and travel agencies for distribution of services to those who need them, for example Yang Ming Line (YML), the national shipping Line of Taiwan represented by Transmarine Logistics Limited in Bangladesh, which caters to 66 different services throughout the world with 88 ships of its own apart from a tie-up with China Ocean Shipping company for reinforcement of the fleet.

United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) offers containerised, temperature-controlled cargo services in the Middle East, Europe, Indian Sub-continent, Far East, Australia, West Africa, American continents with technologically the most advanced fleet of six 18,800 TEU and eleven 15,000 TEU containerships. Other shipping companies include Hong Kong, SAR, Emirates shipping line operating in the Middle East, China, South East Asia, India and Africa, Hubline Bhd., an intra- Asia Shipping Line based in Malaysia, Regional Container Lines (RCL) operating as feeder shipping route between Bangkok and Singapore, covering 60+ destinations in Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Bangladesh.

Customer-centric Approach

MGH Group also maintains Inland Container Depo in South Asia’s Chittagong, the most important supply chain platform for retailers from Bangladesh. The Group also intends to expand into housing facilities and commission Rubber tier Gentry (RTG) cranes and launch Freight Train Service. Taking extraordinary care, the company avoids unnecessary time loss and inconvenience at all costs.