Mochtar Riady

Mochtar Riady


Through hard work, determination and an unwavering spirit of an entrepreneur, Mochtar Riady grew his company into one of Asia’s leading diversified conglomerates. Riady also transformed Indonesia’s banking landscape and became widely acknowledged as a master in turning around the fortunes of financial institutions, making his mark in creating the country’s top banks – Bank Buana, Bank Panin, Bank Central Asia and then Lippo Bank.

As one of Asia’s largest and most diversified conglomerates, Lippo Group’s investments in real estate, retail, hospitality and leisure, healthcare, education, media and news, telecommunications, digital technologies and financial services have been driven by his responsibility to the community. Lippo Group is now the largest listed property company in Indonesia by total assets and revenue, with a unique and integrated business model.

Riady operates Indonesia’s premier private hospital group, the only one achieving world class standards, and is an undisputed retail property industry leader, and his vision is to impact lives, particularly through environment friendly, high quality and sustainable business activities. The Group builds the foundation through the implementation of Corporate Governance (CG) in all aspects of the business as well as at every level of the organization. By implementing the Corporate Governance Principles expectedly, it enables more transparency and the most recent development information regarding the performance and the prospects of the Group. Riady always prioritizes environmental sustainability on property development.


Riady likes to integrate eco-friendly concepts, and align green space with the best amenities. His CSR activities focus on three main pillars, namely education, public health, and environmental awareness, with special focus on critical situations that arise in the country, such as natural disasters that impact many lives. These pillars are interrelated with the objective to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the nation in general. Understanding that people are increasingly looking for potential areas for property investment, the Lippo Group’s commitment continues to develop five pillars of development, namely Innovative Infrastructure & Transportation, High Tech CBD & Research Hub, Business & Commercial Hub, Green Sustainable Living and Center of Art, Culture & Education.

Riady recalls that he started from what he calls sandang, pangan, papan, jalan, which respectively means clothing, food, housing, roads, but today his business empire permeates every corner of life in Indonesia.

With a mix of listed and private entities both at home and abroad, Mr Riady’s empire is difficult to value, but the value he has created in the lives of Indonesians is unparalleled.

He is committed towards actively participating in sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and environment for the collective benefit of the company, local community, and society at large. Riady’s main focus now is the next big shift: moving more business online, as is evident from the launch of ecommerce platform.