Paris 2024 Reveals Official Olympic Stamps At Postal Museum

Paris 2024 Reveals Official Olympic Stamps At Postal Museum

On Friday, the official stamp for the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games was unveiled ahead of the highly anticipated event.

The stamp was created in cooperation with La Poste Group and the Paris 2024 organising committee, and it was unveiled at the esteemed French Postal Museum. It features famous sites like the iconic Eiffel Tower and the serene River Seine, taking inspiration from the vivid visual identity of the Paris Olympics. Its design is energised by sporting features like athletic tracks and bouncing balls, including exceptional finishes with hot stamping.

The Paris 2024 organising committee president, Tony Estanguet, expressed excitement about the stamp’s ability to spread the games’ spirit around the world. Commemorating Olympic events in France has been a tradition for La Poste Group since 1924. Since then, the company has produced stamps that are particularly designed for each edition.

The official Olympic stamp, which costs 1.96 euros (2.12 USD), will be circulated in 800,000 copies, providing fans with a concrete memento of excitement for the upcoming event. It is scheduled to go on sale on March 29 and represents the excitement and prestige of the Paris Olympics, captivating viewers worldwide.