Rohan Prem Sagar

Rohan Prem Sagar


Mr. Rohan Prem Sagar, Director and Trustee of Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) in Bengaluru, Karnataka, is known for his results-driven strategies that have catapulted his business ventures to new heights of success. As a stalwart in education, healthcare, and business, this visionary leader emphasises a futuristic approach to constantly drive innovation. His resplendent aura of transformative leadership has helped DSU build a culture of adaptability and excellence. Additionally, he holds U.S. citizenship, adding a global perspective to his impressive leadership repertoires


A mid the towering structures of Bangalore, where ambition and innovation weave the fabric of the city, stands a man whose vision and leadership have cast a profound light on the realms of education and healthcare. Drawing from his diverse academic experiences at George Washington University and Columbia University, Rohan possesses a unique set of interdisciplinary insights that empower him to navigate various sectors with expertise. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in International Business from George Washington University in Washington DC marked the beginning of his journey. Post graduation, he assumed the role of Director at DSI, later becoming the Joint Secretary in 2019. His noteworthy tenures as Executive Director and Director at Sagar Hospitals and DERBI Foundation underscore his exceptional leadership, project management, and strategic planning capabilities.

Founded in 1960 by his late grandfather, Shri R Dayananda Sagar, DSI stands as a renowned educational institution in India. It offers a wide array of academic disciplines, from pre-university courses to postgraduate and doctoral programs, covering fields like Engineering, Dental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Arts, Commerce, Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied Health, Business Management, and Information Technology. Rohan’s leadership style fuses strategic thinking with a people-centric approach. Throughout his career, he has adeptly transformed teams into formidable forces, leaving a lasting impact across various sectors.


The recent launch of CDSIMER, the medical college, and Sagar Hospitals in Bangalore underscores Rohan’s global vision for Dayananda Sagar University. With state-of-the-art facilities and world-class infrastructure, the institution provides an optimal learning environment, making it a top choice for international students seeking excellence in medical education. Under Rohan’s guidance, the university actively attracts global talent through exchange programs, collaborative research, and partnerships with reputable medical institutions worldwide. The curriculum, thoughtfully crafted to meet global standards, embraces diverse medical practices. Deeply influenced by the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen,” emphasising continuous improvement through lifelong learning, Rohan sees excellence as an ever-evolving journey rather than a destination. Whether formulating educational strategies, enhancing healthcare standards, or driving business expansion, his unwavering dedication to Kaizen remains the driving force, guiding him toward excellence and enabling a lasting impact on individuals and communities.


In his role as the Director of DERBI Angel, the on-campus entrepreneurship and innovation cell at DSU, Rohan motivates students to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. Beyond just providing mentorship and funding to inventive startup founders, he plays a pivotal part in discovering and nurturing disruptive ideas, steering them towards sustainable growth. Through the establishment of strategic partnerships and networking events, he has cultivated an environment fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Moreover, as a Trustee & Board Member of Dayananda Sagar University, Rohan envisions a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation. His short-term goal is to focus on growing academic programmes, building research collaborations, and leveraging technology. For the long term he envisions that Dayananda Sagar University will become a global hub for interdisciplinary research. His overarching goal is to mould university students into thought leaders capable of driving meaningful societal change. He also intends to provide a healthy environment that embraces diversity & promotes intellectual curiosity.


Rohan’s commitment to patient confidentiality at Sagar Hospitals and academic integrity at Dayananda Sagar University reflects his ethical excellence. He encourages transparent communication through consistent stakeholder engagement and open forums. He has implemented robust compliance frameworks that align with industry standards and legal mandates. He also instills ethical conduct via comprehensive training and a no-tolerance stance on misconduct.


Rohan is a firm advocate of cultivating a positive organizational culture. In his role as one of the members of Board of Gorvernors of DSU, he showcases a deep dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Actively promoting student involvement, he encourages them to participate in community outreach programs, amplifying the impact of these initiatives. Rohan emphasises, “Dayananda Sagar University seamlessly weaves CSR into a robust commitment to community engagement.” Likewise, as the Director of Sagar Hospitals, he places a strong emphasis on social welfare and regularly initiates health camps and outreach programs to extend medical services to marginalised communities. With his guidance, the hospital has strategically established affordable healthcare units to address accessibility issues, as well as targeted awareness campaigns to promote preventive health services. These proactive initiatives have made a tangible difference in the well-being of underserved communities through collaboration with NGOs and local authorities.


Rohan’s recent accomplishments have propelled Dayananda Sagar University to unprecedented heights. He took the lead in introducing groundbreaking programs in emerging fields, aligning them with industry demands. Additionally, through strategic partnerships with esteemed institutions, he has not only elevated the academic ecosystem but also fostered a culture of collaboration. His focus on integrating technology and offering industry-relevant curricula positions Dayananda Sagar University as a trailblazer in progressive education, equipping students to navigate dynamic professional landscapes and make significant contributions to ongoing industry transformations.