Shalini Kamal Sharma

Shalini Kamal Sharma

Tenacious in approach, resilient in thinking, and passionate about her work, Shalini Kamal Sharma – Group Managing Director of Formula One Furniche – is gifted with a natural knack to rise as one of the finest business magnates of today’s world

Leaders think and talk about the solutions; every solution had a problem,” Think big and live even bigger. The only company in the world to provide a full range of FF&E Products, Services, Technology and Hospitality Solutions to hotel chains spanning the globe, regardless of location, specifications, budget with a focus on environmentally friendly products that have set industry standards. Inspired by creativity and driven by passion, Shalini Kamal Sharma is an exemplary new-age entrepreneur. Her effervescent personality attracts admiration not only from her team but also from her counterparts. Always brimming with confidence, she speaks with a zeal and conviction that matches no other. She believes, “Quitting is never an option in the world of entrepreneurship”, and has covered the journey from an aspiring businessperson to becoming one of the most recognized entrepreneurs because of her never-say-die attitude.

She is proud founder of three firmly established global businesses in less than 10 years, which have a formidable reputation internationally for their huge product range comprising hospitality solutions, furnishings, organic health, beauty and lifestyle. The way she has developed her own personality is reflected in the culture, growth and expansion of her organizations also: development of products with utmost quality, innovation and goodwill. With the mantra, “Your success is our success,” and lifetime warranties on all hospitality solutions, it is key for all employees and business partners to truly care and commit to quality and service.

For consistent positive results, she has carefully built a cultured, creative and competent team around herself and all her organizations are multiple award winning and industry leaders that reward people for innovation, knowledge and integrity, organizations where people truly care about making a difference and share a common commitment to quality and service.

She doesn’t believe in resting on her laurels even after her innumerable professional and personal achievements, and keeps searching for new and enthralling opportunities. She reckons, “Success is not final. For continued success, a successful company must innovate every day.”


Shalini Kamal Sharma was devoted to achieve excellence from a very young age. As a student, she was both House Captain and Sports Captain in her school, and was also awarded the Rotating Trophy of“Most Likely to Succeed”. Founder of the Politique magazine in college, Shalini topped her University in Political Science Honours. This law student then went on to win the coveted Ms Milford Beauty Pageant. She further pursued postgraduate studies in International Relations at the Royal Chulalongkorn University under the tutelage of the Governor of Bangkok.
This multi-talented personality believes that the opportunities she seized in her early years helped her in taking major decisions as an entrepreneur.


“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Every solution had a problem.”
This avant-garde entrepreneur approaches every problem with audacity because she reckons that fear impedes success. Honest hard work and steadfast dedication has steered her companies towards global recognition with operations in 21 locations across the world and she firmly believes in continued diversity, growth in products, technology and solutions.


In her efforts towards introducing innovative processes and environmentally responsible products and practices, she has implemented “Go-Green Initiatives” and recycling programmes in her companies, and has personally involved herself with several organizations such as The Rotary International, Singapore After Care Associations, Handicaps Welfare Association, Singapore Children’s Society, and Ministry of Social & Family Development.

Do not let your dreams get crushed in the day to day realities of life. If you want to achieve something, keep on at it. Work hard, keep the faith and never give up.