Shishir Mehta

Shishir Mehta

Bringing Niche Aromatic Retail Experiences to India

Mr. Shishir Mehta serves as the Managing Director of Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP, offering a unique olfactory retail experience to Indian customers. Mirasimo’s retail perfume boutique chain, known as SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY, is thriving and setting a vibrant benchmark for excellence in the fragrance and cosmetics industry.


Mr. Shishir Mehta began his professional career as a mechanical engineer and successfully headed a national metallurgical testing laboratory for about 35 years. However, his passion for fragrances motivated him to devote his entire attention to entrepreneurship. Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP and its retail chain SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY were born out of Mr. Mehta’s exquisite and elaborate personal collection of internationally renowned and exclusive fragrances. The brand was launched in India to bring elegance and art together to create an experience that truly captures all your senses. It has brought more than 30 unique and sought-after global fragrance brands under one roof. In addition to his role at Mirasimo, Mr. Mehta is a respected figure in the business community, known for his insights, leadership skills, and ability to navigate the complex landscape of the beauty industry.


To enhance the market presence of Mirasimo, Mr. Mehta and his team focused on educating customers and increasing awareness about its unique fragrances and the exceptional value they provide. With the vision of offering exclusive and captivating scents, and establishing a reputation as India’s premier label for niche fragrance distribution, he inaugurated SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY, a boutique retail chain store.

SCENTIDO, meaning heartfelt or sense, is the gateway to exploring luxurious perfumes handpicked from Italy, New York, London, France, and other countries. Some popular brands in the collection are Roja Parfums, Clive Christian, Electimuss London, Pantheon Roma, Oman Luxury, and Floris London.


It was a significant challenge for Mr. Mehta to introduce the concept of niche fragrances in India. The Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP team worked diligently to make customers aware of the value of niche fragrances and directed sincere efforts towards increasing its market presence. It has earned a great reputation for providing 100% authentic products.

Mr. Mehta’s team of seasoned fragrance consultants offers home appointments, personalised consultations, multi-sensory events, educational masterclasses, seamless digital experiences, and corporate gifting options. Regular brand training is also organised to ensure that everyone in the store can effectively communicate the brand’s unique selling points to customers.


Under Mr. Mehta’s guidance, the staff at Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP undergoes approach training (two-way conversation) instead of sales training (one-way communication) to persuade customers to make a purchase. In simpler terms, the staff engages with clients by first expressing genuine sentimental interest in them as individuals, followed by a conversation, rather than simply attempting to sell a product. Mr. Mehta envisions delivering high-quality, unique, and long-lasting fragrances that enhance the personality of buyers. Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP and SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY offer something for every gender, age group and price point. A transparent relationship exists between the brand and its customers, as customers have round-the clock access to fragrance consultants, management authorities, and store managers. The majority of customers are ‘repeat and highly satisfied customers’ who seek something exquisite or wish to repurchase their signature fragrances.


Mr. Shishir Mehta envisions Mirasimo Cosmetics & Fragrances LLP achieving massive success in its upcoming endeavours. He actively plans to expand the business by launching a 3-axis brand that will encompass skincare, fragrances, and cosmetics collectively. Additionally, he intends to open more SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY boutique stores across India, further strengthening the distribution base.