Suchirindia Infratech

Suchirindia Infratech

building structures of trust

Suchirindia Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is currently a leading name in the field of not just infrastructure but also the flourishing industries of real estate and hospitality. It ventured out into the market several years ago and has now been established as a highly developed company delivering several projects with excellence and supremacy

Suchirindia Infratech Pvt. Ltd. has over the years carved a niche for itself in the industries of Infrastructure, Real Estate as well as Hospitality. Established in the year 2005 and headquartered in the thriving city of Hyderabad, Suchirindia has been expanding its reach consistently throughout India. Their world-class projects include several in the field of railways, and then affordable homes along with luxury accommodation projects and many state-of-the-art theme resorts at geographically distributed locations.

Running Projects of Significance

In the realm of infrastructure, Suchirindia Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is presently working on several multi-million projects that they have bagged from various parts of the country. Their current ventures include an elaborate list of several railway projects in Bihar which are worth a whopping sum of approximately Rs 105 crore. They have also been assigned to several other upcoming infrastructure projects in the near future for which bids worth Rs 150 crore have been submitted. In the precinct of real estate, Suchirindia has garnered an expertise by already developing townships of over an astoundingly wide 5.1 million square meters of land that is spread in about 9 geographical locations of immense importance.

Establishing High Values and Ideals

A highly rich, vibrant, and exuberant range of diversified projects have enabled the company to be recognised at such an esteemed stature. Suchirindia Infratech has always made diligent efforts to inculcate an experiential learning amalgamated with their industry expertise in all projects that they have undertaken. Having amassed the required skills and the decisive capabilities, the company has fostered itself in such a way that it is now in a unique position to accept and successfully accomplish all proposed projects within the established timeframe. The company’s core strengths have always been leveraged on its primary work sector of Infrastructure, Real Estate and Hospitality, thereby enabling the company to garner a much-reputed expertise in projects associated with them. The astounding numbers at which it has been functioning in the recent past are a testimony of the value and experiential exquisiteness that the it has established with its name.