Tarique Mustafa

Tarique Mustafa

Mr. Mustafa started his professional journey after graduating from the University of Southern California where he was a Rotary International Scholar in Engineering and Computer Science. As soon as he graduated, he landed his first job at Symantec Corporation. He was working at the global headquarters located in California and was in a lead position fronting the product lines. It is here that the very foundation of his entire career in Cyber Security was laid. This was just the beginning for a zealous guy who wanted to make it big in the techie world.

In the next two decades or so, Mr. Mustafa would go on to work in various leadership positions, spearheading many teams to build Cyber Security systems and products from the ground up. Several of those products will also go on to win industry recognition as the leading Cyber Security products. But, none of the accomplishments would dim the burning passion to keep on doing more for Mr. Mustafa. He didn’t stop at just building immensely robust and trustworthy products, he also went on to invent several key patents and algorithms which are recognized as significant breakthrough technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

His latest venture, GhangorCloud’s Fourth Generation Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention (DLEP) Cyber Security Paradigm is based on his vision of the future. He believes that the cyber warfare will forever keep evolving into a complicated and increasingly sophisticated challenge. The industry now recognizes the challenge and with the help of leaders such as Mr. Mustafa, there has been a whole paradigm shift in the industry and how Data Security products have been traditionally built. Mr. Mustafa started GhangorCloud in 2014. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GhangorCloud is a leading provider of next-generation Information Security & Compliance solutions. The company is backed by a team, board, and advisors that include leading authorities from companies like Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, VeriSign, Cisco, Juniper, Alteon & Array Networks. Under Mr. Mustafa’s leadership, GhangorCloud has become one of the most powerful and best in-class providers of Information Security and Compliance solutions. Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, he has worked with companies like nexTier Networks, Artiman Ventures, Nevis Networks, Andes Networks, Network Utilities, DHL IT Services, Symantec, and others.


Mr. Mustafa who is currently the CEO and founder at GhangorCloud, Inc., is an industry-renowned Cybersecurity expert with demonstrated extraordinary innovative abilities in the areas of information security.

Mr. Mustafa is a serial entrepreneur with 2 more companies under his belt that he started, scaled, and successfully exited. He likes to keep up to date with all technological trends and possesses deep knowledge and understanding of a broad range of areas, especially security and database design. It is his passion to keep up with the ever-changing technology and provide the best possible, dynamic solutions. His technical expertise has been deemed incredible by his peers as he has often become the go-to person for technical know-how. In his entire career, he has worked in leadership roles where he has built Cyber Security systems and products from the ground up. Several of those products have won industry recognition as the leading Cyber Security products. He also has multiple patents (approved and pending) with USPTO and has published many research publications in the areas of Information & Data Security, Computer & Network Security, Software Architecture, Database Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence. Apart from being awarded the prestigious Rotary International Scholarship for his Doctoral Studies University of Southern California (USC), Mr. Mustafa also holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Computer Science from University of Southern California (USC), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology.

Mr. Mustafa is someone who enjoys his work well beyond the realm of office or just the professional space. “To me, my work is my life and I enjoy every moment of it. The thrill and excitement of creating truly “cutting, bleeding-edge technology” are exciting like nothing else.” He also has a very unique hobby – amateur competitive ballroom dancing. While he likes to indulge in different hobbies to unwind and recoup, ballroom dancing is his favourite hobby. As per him, it gives him the opportunity to keep physically active and emotionally creative. “It is a great “art form” and a highly competitive sport,” he shares.


Mr. Mustafa is deeply passionate about building Cyber Security solutions that address Data Leak and Exfiltration Cyber Attacks in a holistic and conclusive fashion. His sole objective is to address the Cyber Security challenge effectively and create new technologies that in fact address this lingering perpetual problem. As Cyber Attacks are getting progressively more sophisticated, it is becoming imperative to tackle the cyber attackers with advanced technologies such as Artifcial Intelligence and Military Style Stealth. Mr. Mustafa with his highly capable team at GhangorCloud wants to address these cyber threats with a complete overhaul of the Cyber Defence Strategy.

“Cyber Insecurity poses existential crisis and must be addressed holistically from the ground up – that will require a paradigm shift based on Classical AI and System Theoretic Design,” he shared. Under his mentorship, GhangorCloud’s product has been recognized as the “Best of the Breed” solution in the data leak and exfiltration prevention (DLEP) category. The company has earned a well-deserved customer base in multiple verticals. It has been delivering solutions to IT organizations, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, national security agencies, and hi-tech companies for intellectual property protection. In the future, he just wants to constantly keep creating newer and better technologies that will not only increase his company’s footprint but benefit the whole industry.