Turkiye, India Top the Global Survey of Employees’ Well Being

Turkiye, India Top the Global Survey of Employees’ Well Being

Turkiye and India have topped a global ranking of employees’ well being, measured by assessing physical, mental, social and spiritual health based in a survey conducted by McKinsey Health Institute released on November 3. Japan has ranked last in the survey.

Turkiye scored the highest at 78%, followed by 76% for India and 75% for China in the poll of more than 30,000 workers across 30 countries. Meanwhile, Japan scored 25%. The global average was 57%.

In the survey, Indian employees reported the highest rates of burnout symptoms at 59%, while Cameroon reported the lowest at 9%; 22% of employees across the world are experiencing burnout symptoms at work.

Workers aged 18 to 24 had the lowest holistic health scores demographically.

Among respondents, the largest proportion of positive scores was for physical health at 70%, and about two-thirds of global employees reported positive scores on mental and social health. The lowest proportion of positive scores was on spiritual health, at 58%.

According to the McKinsey survey, employees who had positive work experiences reported better holistic health, are more innovative at work, and show higher job performance.