UAE to speed up foreign worker visa
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UAE to speed up foreign worker visa

The United Arab Emirates is embarking on a collaboration with startup Deel to expedite the visa process for foreign workers, offering a new incentive in the country’s mission to attract talent from around the world and become a regional technology hub.

Payroll and onboarding company Deel will be able to give its customers, including Coinbase Global Inc. and Shopify Inc., rapid access to visas through a strategic partnership with the UAE’s Office for AI, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, according to a statement released by Bloomberg.

“I expect this to be a big growth generator for Deel and hopefully a big magnet for talent to the UAE,” Chief Executive Officer Alex Bouaziz stated. Customers will be able to obtain two kinds of visas — ten years of self-sponsored residence visa or a more adaptable one for a shorter period of stay.

The UAE government has been trying to make the kingdom a more appealing destination for global technology companies in order to spread its wings away from oil. Bouaziz said that Deel has already begun integrating new workers in recent weeks under the agreement and has the potential to give employment to tens of thousands of people.

This is the first time Deel has partnered with a government, but the agreement could serve as an example of future partnerships.