US-India Enhance Cooperation on iCET Initiative

US-India Enhance Cooperation on iCET Initiative

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met in New Delhi to review the India-US Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership. After meeting with S Jaishankar, India’s minister of external affairs, and Ajit Doval, his Indian counterpart, Sullivan briefed Modi on the status of bilateral cooperation under the iCET initiative.

These include developments in the fields of semiconductors, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, defence, and space.

The increasing cooperation and harmony on regional and international matters has pleased PM Modi. The Middle East tensions have delayed the deployment of iCET, which Sullivan hoped to assess on his visit. The extradition of Nikhil Gupta from the Czech Republic, who was involved in a conspiracy against a leader of Khalistan, prompted the visit.

Sullivan and Jaishankar’s extensive discussions brought attention to iCET, and they are scheduled to release a joint statement that highlights collaboration and progress. Following the initial session in January of last year, this second iCET meeting emphasises the significance of the initiative.

A major step forward in defence cooperation between India and the US was the agreement for GE Aerospace and Hindustan Aeronautics to manufacture F414 jet engines for the Indian Air Force. They also discussed the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, a plan to increase trade and investment between the three regions.