Verstappen Wins Spanish GP, Holding Off Norris

Verstappen Wins Spanish GP, Holding Off Norris

Max Verstappen fended off a late challenge from Lando Norris to win the Spanish Grand Prix, seizing the lead in the first corner. Even though George Russell had a brief lead, Verstappen regained it on lap three with the help of DRS. The advantage between Verstappen and Norris changed several times during the tactical race, but he kept his cool and extended his championship lead.

Starting in fourth place, Russell made a good move by diving to the left to lead the pack into the first turn. But Verstappen passed him, and McLaren kept up with the competition by pitting Norris later and giving him new tyres. As Norris had to get around Carlos Sainz and the Mercedes duo, the gap between Verstappen and Norris shrank.

Even though Norris managed to get within 2.2 seconds of Verstappen, he was unable to pass him. After passing Russell with fifteen laps to go, Lewis Hamilton earned his first podium of the season. As a result of Charles Leclerc’s decision to use soft tyres to gain positions, Russell was under pressure and finished fourth.

With a three-stop plan, Sergio Perez finished seventh after starting in eleventh place.