US, Japan, South Korea Address Alliance on AI, Trade, and Security

US, Japan, South Korea Address Alliance on AI, Trade, and Security

On Wednesday, U.S., Japanese, and South Korean trade and commerce ministers met in Washington, DC, and pledged to work together to strengthen strategic cooperation. Protecting AI, regulating exports, renewable energy, and semiconductor supply chains were some of the main points covered.

According to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, “We’re doubling down our efforts to work together,” praising the partnership between the world’s top tech and industrial economies. The gathering, which began following a conference in August at Camp David, brought together South Korean Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister Ahn Duk-geun and Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Ken Saito.

The ministers vowed in a joint declaration to work towards a more secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region and their respective countries. Reinforcing the robustness of the semiconductor and battery supply chains, as well as the safety of artificial intelligence, essential minerals, cybersecurity, and technical standards, are areas of paramount importance.

Saito underlined the commitment to build a strong supply chain for strategic commodities, encouraging objective evaluation that goes beyond just looking at prices. With the trilateral summit underway, Minister Ahn is certain that the three nations will be able to better manage global risks and enhance their industrial cooperation.